Usman K.

Embedded Software Developer

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7 ans

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UbloxJanuary 2017 - Présent


IoT home Automation
Built an end to end system comprising of Embedded devices(mbed enabled target board) and cloud
services(AWS-IoT) via MQTT protocol in order to perform home automation . The target board was publishing data of humidity and temperature sensors to cloud and was generating alarms based on any anomalous behavior being observed. Graphs were also displayed on AWS for end user and a record of historic data was also kept in DynamoDB.

Implementing LWM2M in constrained IoT devices
Implemented an end to end IoT system that employed the use of Lwm2m protocol. IPSO objects were implemented and a smart-house project was built successfully.

Controlling an Embedded Board using REST APIs
Designed a framework where in we were able to control an embedded board using REST API. We were able to design REST API which would configure a i2c/gpio pins on our target board and then perform read and write operations on the hardware board via REST APIs.

Human Activity Recognition
Created Machine Learning Model that classifies human activity based on sensor signals; transpiled this model to C-code and ported it to Ublox's C030 embedded board having Cortex-M4 processor. Later used the application on the C030 target board to predict state of human based on accelerometer's data.

Iot Training in Cambourne
In depth understanding of IoT system, architectures, components and supporting technologies.
Architecting end to end IoT system.
Understanding business needs and translating requirements into supporting architecture and models.
Analyzing existing business processes to understand and build technical strategy to develop need aligned technical solutions.
Understanding available technologies and selection criteria to define integrated solutions addressing scalability, interoperability and reliability.

Other experiences:
* Firmware development, testing, and debugging for MCUs.
* Communication protocols (I2C, SPI, serial, USB).
* Over the air firmware updates & Ability to read PCB schematics.
* Bluetooth, wifi, positioning and cellular chips.
* Low level drivers and RTOSs (e.g. mbed, FreeRTOS & ThreadX)
* Cross-compiler tool chains (e.g. GCC) and integrated development environments.
* IoT protocols MQTT/LWM2M, cloud computing (AWS, Google, Azure and IBM Bluemix)
* Debugging Skills using gdb and knowledge of Makefiles utility.
* Designed Graphical user interface and did dynamic code generation in Qt 5 using C++ for embedded devices.
* Updating and testing of Cellular APIs for Ublox's modules.
* Porting of drivers for various sensors and actuators and implementation of their IPSO objects.
* Secure Resource Management(SRM) via REST APIs.
* Various Amazon web services & device management using AWS IoT Core.
* Machine Learning especially in the domain of predictive maintenance in Matlab.
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TeresolJanuary 2015 - January 2017


Firmware of Biometric Devices
Built firmware for biometric devices which comprised of gps,gsm,biometric,ethernet and rf-id sensors. These devices were used by an NGO called Nai-Zindagi in order to keep a record of the services provided to their
clients(drug addicts) for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Mes compétences

Environment of Development




Embedded and Telecom

Firmware, UART

Analysis methods and tools









Predictive Maintenance, debugging skills, 3D, industry~it, Secondary School Certificate, Amazon DynamoDB, An embedded firmware engineer, Global Positioning System, Executive Member, External Affairs, Teacher, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things, IBM Hardware, Higher School Certificate, User Interface, Version Control, DEVICE MANAGEMENT, BlueTooth Technology, Master, A Levels/Grades > Scottish Highers > Scottish Highers Secondary Education, Executive Member, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree electrical engineering, Specialist Engineer, Programmable Interrupt Controler (PIC)


REST API, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Machine Learning

Software testing



C, Matlab, C++

IT Infrastructure

Git, Azure, Ethernet

Mes études et formations

Master - Ayub School

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering - NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2011 - 2015

Scottish Highers, Secondary Education - school during2007 - 2011

- IFC2011

Higher School Certificate - FG Sir Syed College2009 - 2011