Cristian R.

Embedded Software Developer

445 dollar
8 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

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Akka RomservDecember 2018 - Présent

Main Objective: Optimizing ASIL based software modules for ADAS/self-driving cars
based on ARM (nVidia Xavier) using vectorization (e.g. NEON, VFP) and classical optimizations.
Provide reports regarding optimization status.

Languages used: C/C++, CUDA
Tools/Others: Perf, Cachegrind
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RINF TECHJanuary 2017 - November 2018

The main objective is to develop, research and / or run performance benchmarks on various Server / Desktop platforms on Linux / Windows in the HPC field, optimization and research along with project porting(from one language to another; TensorFlow -> C++) from Artificial Intelligence fields.

Daily Activities:
- Using Nvidia Profiling Tools to measure system performance and then analyze data.
- Investigating the data obtained and optimizing the Host / Device code if needed.
- Developing / testing benchmarks. - Additional tasks such as validating data through well-established procedures.
- Presentation of data at technical meetings.

Other Tasks and Competencies:
- CUDA-based software development.
- Optimize HPC application dives to increase performance.
- Creating scripts to automate certain actions or parts of the benchmark / data collection;
- Courses and professional growth in Artificial Intelligence fields.
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Intel CorporationFebruary 2015 - December 2016

The main objective is to run the performance benchmarks on various paltform Server / Desktop / Laptop on Linux / Windows / OS X.

Daily activities:

- Use tools to measure performance sites a system and then analyze the data.
- Investigation of discrepancies or anomalies in data through various procedures through scripts and data filtering;
- Development / testing benchmarks and stressing certain components.
- Additional Tasks such as data validation through well-established procedures.
- Extrapolation and presenting data in technical sessions.

Other Tasks and competencies:

- Installation of operating systems, BIOS settings, preparing to run a benchmark platform and to be sure that the results are more accurate;
- Create scripts to automate certain actions or parts sin benchmark / collecting data;
- Preparation and both hardware and software configuration of the client-server networks.
- Distribution of tasks to colleagues who participated in the project.
- Most sessions were in English and I grabbed some technical jargon.
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Trade Ads InteractiveJuly 2013 - January 2015

The main objective is to write code in order to obtain various applications platform Desktop / Laptop / Tablet, Windows / Android ..

Daily activities:

- The use IDEs to write code in order to obtain a final applications focused on customer requirements.
- Porting applications on various platforms;
- Final testing and application code.
- Linking applications via web services to various databases and servers in production to obtain accurate information in real time.
- Modelling and integration of applications based on document analysis and requirements.
Working with various platforms (Android / Windows).

Other Tasks and competencies:

- Installation of operating systems, BIOS settings, preparing the platform to work in a certain language (C / C #, Java, Xamarin);
- Create scripts to automate certain actions required application or client.
- Preparation and both hardware and software configuration of the client-server networks.
- Distribution of tasks colleagues participating in the project.

Mes compétences


Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Data analysis, Project Management, Business Analysis


Perl Programming, Active Server Pages, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft .NET Technology, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows, C Programming Language, Python Programming, BIOS, Windows Communiciation Foundation, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access


Machine Learning, Software Development

Software testing



Xamarin, Android, Embedded Systems





IT Infrastructure

Windows, Ubuntu, OS X, Linux


MS Access, Oracle

Environment of Development

Visual Studio 2015, NetBeans, SVN, Visual Studio


.NET, WCF, OpenGL, OpenCL, Node.js

Business Intelligence




Analysis methods and tools



CSS, HTML, SQL, C++, Java, Shell Scripting, Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, CUDA, C#, Perl

Mes études et formations

Master's degree Field Of Study Advanced Computer Architectures - POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest2017 - 2019

Systems Engineering Field Of Study Automation and Applied Informatics - U.T.C.B2011 - 2015