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SOFIA TECHNOLOGIESSeptember 2020 - Présent

It is an innovative product which aims to use novel technologies to make smart home and IoT adoption easier for new and already existing buildings, be cost-effective, flexible and less intrusive than existing technologies.

- Actively involving in software development lifecycle including, design, implementation, testing, and documentation.
- Designing and debugging low level embedded firmware/drivers.
- Development of a middleware services for AWS IoT cloud, BLE and Time cron schedule
- Perform unit tests for developed modules.
- Test and validate integrated modules.
- Development of auto test software for hardware prototypes testing.
- Conducting and participating in team reviews.
Technologies: Embedded C, visual studio code SW design, Git, ESP IoT Development
Framework, ESP32C3-MINI-1, mp33220a RGB sensor, AT42QT1050 Touch Sensor controller, Relay, Bluetooth low energy, AWS IoT cloud, Cron schedule, WiFi mesh, Unity, Doxygen

Project: SofiOS
- Software development, design, implementation, testing, Debugging, and documentation.
- Designing and debugging low level embedded firmware/drivers.
- Development of an AT commands firmware in order to add hybrid communication: Raw
LoRa and LoRaWAN.
- Development of a middleware service for both LoRa Radio RF and LoRaWAN module.
- Perform unit test for developed modules, Test and validate integrated modules.
Technologies: C, SW design, Git, STM32L4/L0, SAMD21J1x, Unit Test

Project: Sofia POCs
- Proof of concept for in-production tests and checks which able to Read analog buttons from operator input and send pressed buttons via ZigBee.
- Proof of concept of projects for TUNISIE TELECOM pre-sales.
- Development of LoRa Radio RF AT slave application project according to customer needs.
- Wirepas firmware which aims to Bring up sofia module based on nRF52 (Proteus II) and Nordic nrf52832 board to include Wirpas protocol stack.
- Develop an embedded software related to the nano MENZU LoRa developed by Sofia target that read data from external serial sensors, respond to requests commands via
UART, Handle sleep mode with Preparation of specification and design documents.
Technologies: Git, Python, C, SW design, STM32L082ZigBee, BMP280 Pressure sensor, HC-
SR501, HDC1080, VEML7700, ADC, Wirepas, nRF52
Project: Mpy Project (nanoMenzu drivers and libraries)
- Provide a high-level OO microPython package for easy and intuitive way of interacting with the nano Menzu ZigBee target V2 different peripherals and sensors.
- Provide command-lines for nMenzu ZigBee in order to use it for the auto testbench.
- Python test-bench demonstration platform for nMenzu board testing.
- Generate doc files using Sphinx.
- Test and validate the product.
Technologies: Python, Git, SVN, ZigBee

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ZigBee, Unit testing, UART, Software Development, RF, Qt Creator, Python, MQTT, Jira, HTTP, GSM, GPRS, Git, Embedded C, Design, Debugging, C++, BlueTooth Low Energy, Amazon Web Services, Agile Methodology