Mahmoud M.


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12 ans

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AvelabsNovember 2019 - Présent

Currently working in ADCAM-MID ECU Project, this project is mainly managed by Aptiv and the main customer is BMW.

My current responsibilities are:
- Fault Management AUTOSAR CDD SWC development.
- Integration for new system prefaults and system requirements per each release.
- AUTOSAR RTE & BSW Configurations needed for our SWC.
- Traps Handling (HW Exceptions).
- Updating SDD, Unit Tests, and Comply with MISRA C-2012 & HIS Coverity Warnings upon each changes in the code.
- Debugging diagnostics handling, prefaults and faults, reset strategy and healing mechanisms for system's degradation caused by software and hardware faults.
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ElektrobitOctober 2021 - Présent

Mainly responsible with the team to develop the new IdsM (Intrusion Detection System Manager) module in BSW Crypto Stack from scratch complying to Classic AUTOSAR R20-11.

- Participate in SW Design and Requirements Analysis for IdsM
- IdsM Autosar Schema (Module Definition)
- Software Construction for IdsM module
- Configuration Code Generator for IdsM based on user Configuration in EB-Tresos
- Testing
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AptivNovember 2019 - October 2021


Mainly responsible for “SysErrMgr” also known as “Fault Handler” SWC development

- Fault Management AUTOSAR CDD development
- Integration for new system Prefaults and system requirements per each release
- AUTOSAR RTE, OS & BSW Configurations needed for our SWC using DaVinci Configurator & Developer
- HW Exceptions handling (Traps, SMU, OS Exceptions) for Infineon Aurix TriCore uC
- Debugging diagnostics handling, Prefaults and faults, reset strategy and healing mechanisms for system's degradation caused by software and hardware faults
- Develop python scripts that generate post-build structures for system prefaults, faults and hardware traps and their configuration parameters
- Updating SDD, Unit Tests with 100% Coverage using GTEST platform, and Comply with MISRA C-2012 & HIS Checkers using Synopsys Coverity Checker
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Mind-Blowing Co.January 2019 - October 2019

Worked on the first Reverse Vending Machine totally made in Egypt.

- System architecture and communication between different system modules
- Software implementation for the core controller module
- PCB and hardware design for the core controller module using Eagle CAD for PCB Designing, STM32F103C8 as the heart controller of the module, Raspberry-Pi for Image Processing, stepper motors and drivers and other complementary sensors
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ValeoJuly 2017 - October 2018

In this internship I worked in two different projects;

The first one was a software algorithm written in C for controlling Car Side-Mirrors using Touch Gestures. It was developed on NXP S12ZVL128 microcontroller and using Cypress UART Touch Pad module.

Tasks done:
- C# Desktop Application with a GUI to create a basic demo of the algorithm and draw the live gestures received from the UART Touch Pad module connected to the computer via USB-TTL.
- UART Mcal driver for NXP-S12ZVL.
- HAL driver for Parsing the received data from Cypress Touch Pad Module.
- APP component for the mirror control algorithm based on Gesture Detections.
The second project was a "Low Cost Capacitive Touch" driver, I participated in bringing up this project and the R&D behind its concept where we use the basic ADC peripheral instead of special hardware peripherals such as CVD.

- C# Desktop Application to connect with the ECU over UART and reads out the ADC signals for further processing and digital signal drawing and mapping.
- UART driver for NXP S12ZVC.
Intership (Jul 2017 - Sept 2017)
In this internship, I was responsible for developing a new FEE (Flash EEPROM Emulation Layer) for Renesas RH850 Dataflash memory from scratch to solve initialization and runtime timing issues, synchronous and asynchronous writing to FLS, and other more issues and features.
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EECE DayJuly 2016 - July 2017

Systems Directorate IEEE Cairo University Student Branch,
Public Relations Team Member Sep. 2016
Egyptian Engineering Day 2016, IEEE Egypt Section, Egypt.
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Direction Survey Services "DSS"January 2013 - January 2016

- Responsible for designing Company's website and developing.
- Computers and Laptops maintenance.
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Well Services CompanyJanuary 2007 - January 2010

- Responsible for designing company's website and developing it.
- Computers and Laptops Maintenance

Mes compétences

Visual Studio, USB, Unit testing, UART, Software Engineering, RTOS, Python, Project Management, PCB, JTAG, Java, Hardware Design, Ethernet, Embedded Systems, Embedded C, Debugging, Composer, C++, C#, C, AUTOSAR, Assembly, Arduino, .NET