Stephane B.

Embedded Software Developer

505 dollar
11 ans
Lausanne, SUISSE

Mon expérience

SPIE SwitzerlandJune 2019 - Présent

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AmbrosusDecember 2017 - May 2019

Ambrosus is building an ecosystem where blockchains can talk to sensors to assure quality of products. Data integrity, digitalisation of supply chains and blockchain-ready hardware are our specialities.
In the global digitalization field, security in the data becomes more and more important, while the best secured database (Blockchain) are present to assure immutability, the data themselves need to be safely generated from secure and safe Iot devices. In this context, the development of highly secured Iot become a necessity to assure full data control.

Fixed-term contract.


- Support sensor/Iot software expertise and data transmission.
- Support hardware connection protocol.
- Interface with other engineering departments.
- Support development and filling patents.
- Create and lead projects, full management from development to industrialization phase.
- Lead Internships.

Main achievements:

- Create and industrialized an Iot-sensor with high security level.
- Patent a technology about Iot security.
- Lead 2 internships and 1 master thesis.
- Create several ERC20 crypto-token and related smart-contracts.
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MotionPilotNovember 2017 - December 2017

MotionPilot is a drone company that develop and produce an advanced highly sensitive and intuitive drone radio controller.

Fixed term contract as an Embedded Software Engineer.

- Took part in the development of an embedded device firmware with a team.
- Wireless communication protocol driver design and implementation.

- Took part in the development of an embedded device firmware with a team.
- Wireless communication protocol driver design and implementation.

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-September 2010 - September 2017

List of some projects made at EPFL

- Programming a simulation of an ecosystem of type prey / predator / vegetation
- Elevator on a rope based on spring.
- Design of a snake game using only logical gate and LEDs.
- Programming of a driver for a sensor (joystick) in assembly language.
- Machining of a chess game.
- Designing of a rotation control mechanism based on flexible blade for a satellite.
- Designing the electronic for an IR remote.
- Robot (E-puck) programming using sensor
- Full conception about a product from MS0 to MS2
- Vocal control configuration for a KUKA robot
- Ground Control programming, a drone control software
- Programming a quadcopter altitude control based on a sonar sensor
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ETH ZurichMarch 2017 - September 2017

Master thesis for studies, helping research of the laboratory in the person of a PHD student.

- Visual tool development from scratch to represent a nano-robot in its environment.
- Usage of the virtual reality technologies in order to create a better immersion.
- Connection of a real robotic acquisition and actuator system to the visualization.
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senseFlyAugust 2016 - February 2017

Software Engineer Internships in a development and manufacturing drone company for professional applications:

-Analyze limitation and issues of current version of a drone's simulation software.
-Develop and implement a new physical model of fixed wing drone.
-Tuning of physical model in order to be as close as possible with real drone's behavior.
-Define software architecture of the next generation of simulator.
-Interface existing autopilot's software with simulated physics previously implemented.
-Test and improve simulator together with SQA team in order to get a stable version that will be used on public project.
-Integrate new simulator in mainstream project in order to replace old implementation.
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EPFLSeptember 2013 - July 2016

Assistant experiences:

Programmation class with Mr. Boulic (3 semesters)
-> support for exercices, project management and correction.

Programmation class with Mrs. Sam (2 semesters)
-> support for exercices, exams corrections.

Programmation class with Mr. Chappelier (1 semesters)
-> support for exercices, project management and correction.

Electronique class with Mr. Zoia (1 semesters)
-> support for exercices.

Electronique class with Mr. Koukab and Mrs. Guiducci (1 semesters)
-> support for exercices and labotory practicals work.
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ETML, Ecole technique Ecole des métiers, LausanneJuly 2014 - August 2014

Practical mecanical interneship about high speed machining.
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Galliker Transports & LogisticsJuly 2012 - August 2012

Managing a product base on an informatic system.
Picking order.
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Galliker Transports & LogisticsJuly 2010 - August 2010

Managing a product base on an informatic system.
Picking order.

Mes compétences




LaTeX, C++, Python, C/C++, Matlab


Software Development


Robotics, IoT

Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack

Mes études et formations

Certification en Agile - Digicomp2019 -

Master's Degree in Microengineering - Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne2012 - 2017

Master's Degree in Virtual Reality - ETH Zürich2017 - 2017