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Courses - -01.01.2006 - Présent

  • C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews \n\n\n
  • \n\n C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding \n\n\n
  • \n\n C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP \n\n\n
  • \n\n DNX GLOBAL ★ Digital Nomad Conference\n\n\n
  • Oracle Administration 11g\n\n\n
  • \n Oracle Database 10g: Develop PL/SQL Program Units\n\n\n
  • \n Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL Fundamentals\n\n\n
  • \n\n Oracle Reports Developer 10g: Build Reports\n\n\n
  • \nOracleBI Discoverer Administrator 10g: Develop an EUL\n\n\n
  • \n\n OracleBI Discoverer Plus 10g: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data\n\n\n
  • \nXamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-platform Apps with C# \n\n\n
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Database Developer - AGAP2it01.10.2008 - Présent

Edifício Picoas Plaza - Rua do Viriato, 13E Núcleo 6 - 3º Dto, 1050-233 Lisboa (\n Agap2IT is an information systems consultant with presence in 11 countries and projects in four continents. The specialties are Outsourcing Services, Nearshore Services, Solutions Delivery, Training, Research & Development, Academy, and Integration Services.\nConsulting Activities:\n * Creating/Updating end-user Oracle Forms and Reports\n * Auditor profile in a major Telecommunication\n * Database developer in a Geospatial company\n * GIS data migration\n * BPM ( business process management ) engine for a corporate product solution\n * Data integrations\n\n Business or sector Information and communication
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ASP.NET/C# Developer - Freelancer01.11.2018 - Présent

Developing project in Xamarin Forms to a local sport association to make the contests judgments more easier using an App.\n\nActivities: \n• Designed the infrastructure of the whole project\n• Created data structure\n• Created API service\n• Created Mobile App to run over the api service.\n\nTechnologies: \n• ASP.NET/C#, XAML, Xamarin Forms\n• Important ASP.NET/C# Libraries Used: RestSharp + Swagger + Dapper + Linq\n• SQLite + SQL Server
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Database Developer - Intergraph Portugal01.10.2009 - 01.04.2013

Activities:\n * Data Migration between two geospatial platforms ( ETL )\n * Developing a BPM ( Business Process Management ) engine to represent the costumers business model\n\n Responsabilities:\n * Ensure data correctness\n\n Technologies:\n * Oracle 10g, 11g\n * SQLServer 2008 R2\n * SQLServer 2008 R2 Report Builder\n * PostgreSQL 9.X / PostGIS 2.x
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Telecommunications auditor - Melaneu01.03.2009 - 01.07.2009\n\n This project was held in VODAFONE, and was an auditing project to measure the reported radio spectro by this company\nActivities:\n * Analyse Dataware House\n * Analyse Operational databases\n\n Technologies:\n * Oracle 10g
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Database Developer - Logica01.08.2008 - 01.03.2009

This project was developed in TMN ( Telecomunicações móveis portuguesas )\n\n Activities:\n * Develop Oracle Forms\n * Data Loading to DW\n\n Technologies:\n * Oracle 10g\n * Oracle Forms\n\n Business or sector Information Technology and Services
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Lieutenant - Portuguese Navy01.01.2006 - 01.01.2006

de Guerra Portuguesa, Lisbon (Portugal)\n\n\n is the naval branch of the Portuguese Armed Forces.\nActivities:\n * Developing an Intranet Portal to store documentation\n * Creating Reports/Discoverer Sheets\n * End-user Training of build Reports/Discoverer Sheets\n * Team member of MainFrame migration\n * Officer in a internal legal Process\n * Security responsibilities\n\n Technologies:\n * PL/SQL, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle 10g Reports Builder, Oracle 10g BI Discoverer\n Administrator,\n\n Oracle 10g BI Discoverer Plus\n * PHP 5.X, MYSQL 5, CSS\n\n Business or sector Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
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Web Developer - LDA01.09.2004 - 01.08.2005

Activities:\n * Developing online store\n\n Technologies:\n * PHP\n * MYSQL\n * CSS\n\n Business or sector Tecnologias de Informação

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PostGreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle Spatial, TOAD, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, Oracle 10g, pgSQL


Web Services, Machine Learning

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, Notepad++, Oracle SQL Developer

Business Intelligence

OLAP, Talend, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, ETL, MS Reporting Services, Oracle BI, Oracle BI Publisher, Report Builder




Oracle Forms

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Mainframe


Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Data Migration, Database Design, PostGIS, VirtualBox, Website technical analysis tools

Mes études et formations

Diploma, Accounting and Computer Science - ISCED