Petr H.

Front End Developer

225 dollar
2 ans

Mon expérience

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INVENTIJune 2020 - Présent

Product: B2C/B2B vehicle configurator.
Price algorithms,
session management, SSR via Next.js,
service based BE architecture.
On demand initialization Scaling for multiple countries.
Modularization of app managing app via configuration files (.csv).
Multilingual website.
Custom API wrappers (Google maps),
State machines implementation on FE,
Lazy loading, caching, debouncing requests.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, Docker, Koa, Styled-components, Redis, ElasticSearch, Bitbucket, Jira
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UPPMay 2020 - June 2020

Product: Internal app managing user access and rights to shared re- sources via Active Directory server over LDAP protokol..

sTech stack: Node.js, Docker, Mongo DB, Mongoose driver, Express, REST Api, Webpack, React, Redux, React Router v4 etc.
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StyraxOctober 2019 - May 2020

Working on enterprise solution for internal management system of in- surance company

Architecture based on inheritance and composition design patterns
Daily remote communication with analysts, designers, testers, BE, FE developers.

Tech stack: React (class based components), PropTypes, Flux, REST
Api, Swagger, Jira.

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SignageOSAugust 2018 - August 2018

Responsible for for creating documentation for REST and JS

Personal Projects


TripMap shop * Nextjs, React, Redux, Stripe payment gate, Printful API
implementation. Cloudinary, Mongoose
*Canvas, WebGL (via Mapbox).
*pricing algorithm, request canceller, debounce
*Gmail access via OAuth2.0 token revocation.
*Deployment on Heroku, own CI/CD pipeline from gilhub.

Mes compétences


API, Bitbucket

IT Infrastructure

Active Directory, Heroku, Docker


MongoDB, Redis


Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Junior Web Developer, React, User Interface Design, Full Stack Web Developer, Router, Junior FE Web Developer, Node Mailer implementation, composition design, FACEBOOK, session management, industry~it, global state management, Junior Full Stack Web Developer




AngularJS, Node.js, REST


TypeScript, Jscript


Next.js, ElasticSearch, React.js, REST API