Amir A.


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8 ans

Mon expérience

Société GénéraleMarch 2018 - Présent

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EuronextFebruary 2017 - March 2018

- Development and maintenance of API and Automated Test cases using Python with Squish for QML.
- Drive test automation efforts as part of the Continuous Delivery proces.
- Run The regression test / new functions
- Package and deploy automation code.
- Responsible for QA process in the project.
- Write Test reports.
- Participates To the analysis of problems (bugs) and monitor resolution.
- Design, implement and maintain a scalable, efficient and comprehensive framework of end to end automated tests for communications products.
- Develop and improve test automation used for Quality Control.  
- Reproduce and investigate customer issue.
- Coach the Scrum Teams on test automation methodologies and testable software practices.

Technical Environment : Python, Squish, QT, QML, Git, GitLab, , Redmine, PyCharm, Windows, Scrum, Jenkins, Continuous integration
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CorporationApril 2016 - January 2017

- Development and maintenance of Automated Test cases using Python with Squish on various types of platforms (Skylake,Broxton..).
    - Drive test automation efforts as part of the Continuous Delivery proces.
    - Run The regression test / new functions... Vizualizați mai multe
    Test Scripts & API Development

* Development of:
    - Software tool to control phone remotely... Vizualizați mai multe
    System Debug smartphones & tablettes Android.
    Android project - Team Daily Debug
    Technical environment: Bench tests, Win 8, Linux, GIT, Gerrit, Bugzilla, QA-report, MPTA, xFSTK, PhoneFlashTool, CrashTool, PyUnit

    •    Analysis User space and kernel space bugs on Android OS
    •    Analysis failure on different logs of the phone (logcat, aplogs, bplogs, serial/Kernel logs …)
    •    Animate daily meeting with project managers and product owners
    •    Conduct meetings/ation with the client and support needs
    •    Design of scenarios for functional validation tests: prepare the test environment
    •    Set The test plan
    •    Run The regression test / new functions
    •    Write Test report
    •    Animate meeting and re software quality level and discuss urgent and important issues of the day
    •    Anticipate Regression by short listing culprit patches before official weekly version
    •    Create daily report of campaigns results
    •    Level one Analysis of failures
    •    Create and track bugs, support teams and debug tools
    •    Establishment results, Troubleshooting and Reporting
    •    Make training to the new coming colleagues
    •    Update training documents and ensure its level regarding new projects and test frameworks
    •    Support the team to ensure high quality reports before making the daily ation
    •    Follow up side by side with Integrator (Gate Keepers) the patch integration

    Key Words: Integration, Scrum, Android, PyUnit, test suite google,System Stress Test, Mtbf, anti-regression test, Linux (Fedora / Ubuntu), Buildbot, git/gerrit, BugZilla, Jira, Mobile Phones & Tablet
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ParrotJuly 2012 - November 2013

Projects : FC6050b and fc6050w: Link to products
In charge of the validation of all client projects PARROT: Tesla, Porsche, VW, Panasonic, Pioneer.

- Implementation of the validation plan
- Target and finished product validation
- Development and maintenance of Automated Test cases using Python
- Participation in the Framework automation Tests maintenance with Python on Linux under Eclipse ( Identification of critical points, robustness tests ).
- Performing unit testing of the components
- Running mates test (nominal testing, functional testing, robustness testing and stress testing)
- Anomaly detection and writing bug reports

Environment Development / Debug: Python , C/C++, Eclipse, Mantis, Redmine, Jenkins, AWACS, wxCKCM, wxCTP, HipHop, wxSerial
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Focus & Focus InternationalFebruary 2012 - June 2012

Develop a home automation control system(Smart Home). This application allows the management of a variety of equipments in the house including lighting, heating, alarm system, motorized blinds, audio video equipments and a host of other things. Wherever you are in your house, you can use your Smartphone Android to control, remotely, all the systems in your house.
Hardware architecture: Arduino UNO card, Arduino Ethernet Shiled card, Wireless SD Shield card, Zigbee modules
Protocoles: SPI, I2C, UART, ZigBee, UDP, WiFi
Technology : Drivers, Signals, Threads, Sockets, Flags, Shared resources
Programming language : Embedded C , JAVA(Android)
IDE : AVR Studio, Source Insight, Eclipse

Mes compétences

XML, VHDL, UML, SQL, Quality Assurance, Python, PyCharm, Linux, Java, Integration testing, Eclipse, Continuous Integration, Coaching testing, C/C++