Cédric B.


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6 ans
L'Haý-les-Roses, FRANCE

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Personnal ProjectJuly 2016 - Présent

I've become interested in marketing after building an e-commerce website based on "Drop-shipping" method (The products are directly sent from my provider to my clients).
I also sold one of my stores.
At the moment, I learnt everything by myself, using blogs, videos and online courses.
Here is a link to my website: https://www.mapenderievintage.com/
And a link to the one i sold: https://www.angryvikingstore.com/
Here are some examples of what i have been doing on this project:
- Facebook ad to get some Traffic: Looking for audiences, lookalike, retargeting
- The leads that are created by the traffic are contacted again with emails and messenger(Facebook chat) by using automatised sequences.
- An augmentation of the convertion rate by customizing the CSS, adding trust badges, set timers to put the clients in a hurry.
- Augmentation of the Average order Value with upsells.
- Community management of my facebook page which allows to make Free Ads by simply posting a new product on my page and reaching my main audience.
- Creation of games on the facebook page to make my clients win discount code.
- 950 visitors in one day with only 20e in facebookads per day
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LGM DigitalApril 2018 - Présent

développement du CRM chez LGM en interne.
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Agence 404April 2018 - Présent

création et gestion de machines à leads
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ACENSIMarch 2017 - September 2017

I made my 6 month internship (for my master 2 in computer sciences) at ACENSI. I learned a lot about web developpement and especially with Angular 4 by working on two different projects:
- Rework of ACENSI's Intranet
- Working with a client of Acensi (Visiblee) by developping the front-End of the new version of their solution using Angular 4.
Thanks to this internship,I learned a lot technically and experienced a lot of TeamWork ( it was my first experience working with a client and it was very formative).
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DartyJanuary 2014 - January 2014

One month Internship:

- Selling products.
- Manage Client.
- Advice.
- Understand the Clients needs.
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Simply Market FranceJune 2013 - July 2013

Being able to give advice and to understand the Client Needs in a Supermarket.

Mes compétences

Teamwork, PHP, MySQL, Matlab, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, CSS, C/C++, C#, AngularJS, Angular