Syam K.

Front End Developer

230 dollar
3 ans
Bangalore, INDE

Mon expérience

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Mindship LLCJuly 2019 - Présent

* Managed multiple projects independently in technologies like Reactjs, Typescript, GraphQL, Redux and Reduxsaga, while coordinating with backend team.

* Built stable web apps to solve critical problems such as client onboarding processes, asset management, etc.

* Built stable web apps for Bank dashboards and KYC processing web applications.

* Built and set up the basic starter templates for web apps such as React and Redux with Typescript and React and

Typescript with Apollo GraphQL(client).

* Work with the core team of the company and built two products with the help of the core team.
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DCT AcademyNovember 2018 - May 2019

* Collaborated with colleagues on the creation of a No SQL database and Nodejs and Reactjs web apps to

increase overall efficiency and transparency.

* Built personal web apps developed using Reactjs front-end library and backend Nodejs with an Expressjs framework

and MongoDB.

* Perform debug and performance analysis of code and systems.

Mes compétences

Software testing





industry~it, money management, Microsoft Certified Professional, Contact-Manager, a blogger, Master > Master Computers, Analyst/Programmer, Cascading Style Sheets, REACTJS, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, KYC processing, Front-End developer, programming skills, Network volunteer, Back End, Front-end engineer, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Computer Sciences > Bachelor of Computer Sciences Math's and Computer Science, Front End


AJAX, Node.js, Express.js

IT Infrastructure



React.js, REST API, Express


JavaScript, HTML5, TypeScript

Mes études et formations

Master, Computers - S.R.K Institute of Technology2013 - 2016