Matas J.


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FreelanceJanuary 2020 - Présent

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Career Criteria Assessment (NFQ Academy)October 2019 - December 2019

I was responsible for Front-End in a project. Project helps to manage employees career profiles, team lead can view his team members and evaluate them, employees can measure their skill level depending on selecting criteria, which will be approved by team lead or declined. Also HR has his own login to create and edit criteria's for specific positions. Whole Front-End was created with React.js, Redux and was integrated with Symfony.

Mes compétences

TypeScript, Symfony, Software Engineering, Sass, Redux, React.js, React-Redux, React Router, PHP, npmjs, Node.js, MySQL, MaterialUI, Linux, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, GitHub, Git, Express.js, CSS, C/C++, Bootstrap