Mehrdad N.

Front End Developer

70 dollar
24 ans
Kuala Lumpur, MALAISIE

Mon expérience

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JTApps Sdn. Bhd.October 2015 - Présent

, JTApps Sdn. Bhd.,

Position Level: Senior Programmer

Role: Software Engineer / Programmer / Front-End Developer

Description: Development of VVIN products version 2.0 front-view including: ``VFlex'',
``VCard'', ``VHome'', ``VCatalogue'', ``VBot'', ``VData''.

Upgrading and enhancement of E-Interactive V2.0.

E-Interactive for mobile and web including E-Interactive online designer.

Development of website and its web application products

Developing several web templates to be used in clients applications.

Developing several mobile web templates for the clients e-shop

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Jobtact Sdn. Bhd.July 2013 - October 2015

, Jobtact Sdn. Bhd.,

Position Level: Senior Programmer

Role: Software Engineer / Programmer / Front-End Developer

Description: E-Leaflet for mobile and web including E-Leaflet online designer.

Testing and developing the first version of the Jobtact web site.

Modifying and debugging of Jobtact website Ver. 1

Developing the Jobtact website and upgrading to version 2. The key change in this step was reducing and optimizing the HTML and style contents of the website.

Developing and reorganizing Jobtact website to make it more cross- browser compatible using the latest W3C standards for the HTML5 and

Develop of the embedded pictorial HTML emails.

Creating necessary jQuery plugins to be used frequently in the website.

Creating necessary interactive content in various pages of the Jobtact website.

Performing necessary changes in the PHP server-side codes to make them compatible with new designs.
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IRDecember 2002 - August 2010

, Freelance, Position title: Web Developer & C# Programmer, Thesaurus Manager

Position Level: Contractor
Role: Software Development Life-Cycle Executor, Thesaurus Construction
Technical Consultant

Industry: IT Computer - Software

Description: Researcher, designer and programmer of Thesaurus Builder application
project. It is a full multilingual thesaurus management software.
Thesaurus Builder is now one of the world's most famous thesaurus management software.

Close co-operation with Trias Politica B.V. and Acquisition Management
(The Netherlands) to develop Thesaurus Builder and made it compatible with ISO 5964 (International standard of multilingual thesaurus construction).

Close co-operation with Italian Ministry of Environment to publish THIST
Thesaurus in Italian and English languages.

Programmer of ``Bin Packing Solution'' software using Ant Colony
Algorithms in a close co-operation with Dr. Madjid Omidvar
( owner).

Designer and programmer of the new AcquisitionManagement web site.

Technical consultant in construction of the Crisis Management thesaurus. The first ever world's pictorial thesaurus.

All of the jobs has been done in my free times while working in other organizations.
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IrandocFebruary 2000 - February 2010

Position title: C#/C++ Programmer, Web Developer, Thesaurus Manager, Network

Position Level: Senior Executive

Role: Software Engineer / Programmer

Description: Technical assistant of National Thesaurus Project to produce:
* Thesaurus of Engineering (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Geosciences (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Chemistry (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Physics (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Biosciences (Persian - continued)
* Thesaurus of Biology (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Agriculture (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Health Promotion (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Sociological Indexing Terms (Persian)
* Thesaurus of Mathematics (Persian)
Designer and programmer of the thesaurus management software
"Ghamoos" based on ISO 2788.

Programmer of the software "Persian Term Analyzer''.

Programmer of the software ``Persian Alphabetical Number Convertor''.

Programmer of the ``Chemical Compounds Information Database''.

Programmer of the English-Persian Translation Automation project with co-operation with Prof. F. Khodaparasti.

Network Administrator of Irandoc.

Designer of the new structure of Irandoc servers and its internet connections: Web server, Mail server, DNS, DHCP server, etc.
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Horizon Unlimited Frontiers Co. Ltd.February 1998 - February 2000

Irandoc building physical network based on Star protocol.

, Horizon Unlimited Frontiers Co. Ltd.,
Position title: Board of Management, C++ Programmer

Position Level: Software Manager

Role: Software Engineer / Programmer

Description: Programmer of the software ``Control of Revenue Contracts of Iranian
Civil Aviation Organization (CAO.IRI)''.

Programmer of the software ``Control of the Interior and Exterior
Purchase contracts of Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CAO.IRI)''.

Poster Designer of the 3rd International Congress of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Iran.

Programmer of the software ``Control of Developmental Projects Credits of the Mazandaran Province Governorship''.
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IrandocFebruary 1995 - February 1998

Position Level: Junior Executive

Role: Software Engineer / Programmer

Description: Designer and programmer of a multi-level binary tree record manager.
Collecting and managing the information of the subscribed magazines in Iranian libraries and importing them into Irandoc databases.

Designer and programmer of a user friendly interface for MS-DOS
applications: Super Vision.

Mes compétences


Entity Framework, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap

Software testing



Microsoft Internet Information Server, Senior executive, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Crisis Management, Python Programming, server-side, Associate Degree > Associate Degree Computer Science, C# Programmer, Junior Executive, Acquisition Management, C#/C++ Programmer, Thesaurus Manager, Construction Technical Consultant, Thesaurus Builder, Microsoft DOS, Software Development Life-Cycle Executive, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Associate Degree > Associate Degree Hardware engineering, High School Diploma > High School Diploma physics and mathematics, Microsoft Exchange Server, freelance, PC Hardware, Windows Presentation Foundation, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft Office, Domain Name Server Protocol, Dynamic Host Control protocol, Designer, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Windows, industry~it, Poster Designer, Senior Programmer, Web Developer, software manager, Web Servers, English, technical assistant, Personal Home Page, User Interface, W3C, Software Installation, 3D Studio, Programmer, Microsoft Outlook, Italian, VOLUNTEER, Persian, Front-End developer, Network Administrator, Contractor, Researcher, C++ PROGRAMMER


Software Development




Pascal, JavaScript, PHP, Delphi, XML, LINQ, HTML, C++, Ruby on Rails, Less, CSS3, MVC, HTML5

Analysis methods and tools

Responsive Design, Ant

Computer Tools

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint


Adobe Photoshop

IT Infrastructure



Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

Mes études et formations

High School Diploma, physics and mathematics - Imam Sadegh High School

Associate Degree, computer science, Hardware engineering - Azad University of Tehran