Victor Ivan M.

Front End Developer

280 dollar
11 ans
Guadalajara, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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EPAM Systems, - eHarmonyMarch 2016 - Présent

Project: EHRM-CORE, Working together with client eHarmony helping them maintain their web appliacation, and mobile web. My main task are, developing new features, migrating modules to new technologies (React, Redux), Maintaining the we app through bug fixing and also contributing with new enhacements.
Team Size: FE - 3 elements  BE - 2 elements  QA - 2  Elements  Scrum Master - 1  Product Manager -1 Project Role: Front-End Developer
Tasks performed:
• Have participater in two different teams, helping them maintaing their web applications and also start new aplications from scratch
• N/A• Node.js  Backbone.js  Handlebars  Less  HTML5  React.js  Redux  Babel  Webpack  Gulp
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FreelancerJanuary 2015 - January 2016

Customer: Benchmark
Project: Automation Pro
Team Size: Team Devs: 4   Team QAs: 2 Team Ops: External
Project Role: Front-end Developer
Tasks performed:
• Developed an Application from scratch.
• Integrated Unit Testing and coding Standards
• Implemented Code Reviews.
• HTML, LESS, Angular, Webpack, ES6
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HitssMarch 2014 - December 2015

Web UI Developer, Hitss,

Customer: Herbalife

Team Size: Team Devs: 12 Team QAs: 5 Team QA Automation: 1 Team BAs: 3 Team Ops: External

Project Role: Front-end Developer

Confidential      October, 2017 1

Tasks performed:

* Implemented a new design of the appication.

* Integrated TDD with Jasmine in the application.

* Bug Fixing of the application.

* Integrated the address validation for many countries of the app, using third parties tool.

* Estimation of new projects and user stories.

* Participated in the creation of the front-end of a tool for the team internal use.



* TFS Visual Studio Sublime SQLServer Vault WinMerge GIMP Resharper Postman Primavera
Teamsite MediaBin

* HTML CSS SASS Susy Compass Javascript jQuery Angular Bootstrap Custom Iternal UI framework Kendo UI
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SofttekFebruary 2012 - March 2014

Web Developer, Softtek,

Customer: General Electric
Project: Legal - Development of internal tools and webpages for the Legal department of GE
Corporate, using Wordpress multisite.

Team Size: Dev Team: 8-10, Infrastructure: External, Database Team: External, Design Team: 1,
Manager: 1, Lead: 1

Project Role: Front and Back-end Developer

Tasks performed:

* Participated in the Codification of internal tools, this could include integration with third party services.

* Participated in the development of applications fitted to the clients needs.

* Participated in the development of web pages, including responsive and crossbrowsing support.

* Participated deployment process of code to varius environments.



* Jira, Tortoise, Kintana, Win Merge, Eclipse, Gimp, DevTools, Main Browsers

* HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Team Foundation, SVN
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xpressmenusJanuary 2011 - February 2012

Customer: xpressmenus
Project: xpressmenus - E-commerce for ordering food online / Application developed in java and individual pages in php.
Team Size: Dev Team: 4  QA Team: 1  Design Team: 1  Manager: 1
Project Role: php developer, front-end developer Tasks performed: • Participated in the development of webpages for the restaurant business.
• Integrated the web pages with extenal services, related to the e-commerce business.
• notepad++  photoshop  winMerge  DevTools • HTML  CSS  Javascript  jQuery  php

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure



Sass, Less, HTML, JavaScript


new design, FE Developer, Front End, Back-End Developer, REACTJS, Senior Software Engineer, Apache Subversion, Interwoven, Front-End developer, PHP Developer, Web Developer, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Cascading Style Sheets, eCommerce, Manager, TFS Visual Studio Sublime SQLServer Vault WinMerge GIMP Resharper Postman, Team Foundation, MediaBin, Development of internal tools and webpages, Integrated Unit Testing, Scrum Methodology, Grunt, Web UI developer

Software testing



React-Redux, Angular 1.6



Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE


Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Angular 7, AngularJS, jQuery, WordPress, Backbone.js, Node.js


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

Mes études et formations