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Centrality LtdJune 2018 - Présent

At Centrality Ltd I worked as a frontend Developer building complex UI and a a React
Native app that connects to a blockchain, I also built our documentation tool . I also got involved with some other projects like our block explorer and top crypto tool. I got good at using React Native, Paper Appium Test Framework.


* React: React Native, styled components, react hooks , Redux with RXJS with React, Materiel UI , Paper, React Static

* Unit tests, Jest, enzyme, ETE tests Appium, WebDriverIo, android , ios

* Clean code, Refactoring code , React and React Native Debugging

* Webstorm, VS Code git-hub,Jira, Bitbucket Slack ,jenkins, Jira, git
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TECHNO CRUSADERSJanuary 2012 - Présent


Techno Crusaders is my hobby business; I develop websites and systems for a vari- ety of small businesses in the Auckland area. My latest project uses React and Re- act Static with TypeScript and It will replace This sys- tem pulls in the clients YouTube videos and images from Facebook and YouTube dynamically. It also connects to Papaw that allows the system to sell with the store.
Almost the entire system is configured with a single manifest file.


* Php MyAdmin, LAMP Stak ( Setup from scratch ) Cross Browser

* Javascript, React, React Static, TypeScript

* Youtube , Facebook & Paypaw API, AWS, DNS setup, Gimp, PHP

* Mobile responsiveness, Apache, MySQL (mariadb)

* Project management, Website sales, Customer service, Marketing

* MVC, JQuery, Wordpress, Centos 7, Ubuntu, PayPaw Api
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Eroc Technology LtdDecember 2016 - February 2018

* Links: ,,

Eroc Technology Ltd

At Eroc Technology Ltd I worked as a senior Javascript Developer , building a complex
UI, I was involved from the very beginning, we decided from the start to make the code clean, and write unit tests for all code, at the same time making some very cool features. We used React JS, Redux and Material UI, NodeJS and MongoDB as the core technologies to build it.


* React , Redux, Materiel UI

* Unit tests, mocha, enzyme, chai sinon with React

* Clean code, Refactor code , React Debugging

* Webstorm, git-hub,Jira, Slack,
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the Austrian GovernmentNovember 2015 - January 2016

Creations (outsource)

Adroit Creations has big clients such as the Austrian Government and other business, all their websites are in WrodPress. My latest job was creating a Woo Commerce plugin that could export customised orders as csv with one click.

* Xdebug, PDT and Eclipse, Centos 7 - LAMP setup, VMware

* MySql - mariadb, Apache, PhpMyAdmin, Wordpress cron jobs

* Plugin Development, Php, css, html, javascrip
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VocusJuly 2015 - September 2015

* Links:

My Main focus was around maintaining the Vocus stack in the major projects so everything is as consistent as possible.
NPM Package dependencies / management (making sure they are up to date, Checking deprecated functions in API'S) Version control (Node.js / Mongodb etc), ECMAScript updates (preferring the latest style currently ES6)
Upgrade scripts / import / export / reporting / glue scripts. Building Human
Resource Motivational website in WordPress initial Testing and bug fixing.


* NodeJs, Mongo DB, Mongoose

* JQuery, Several Node modules

* Git, Github, Source Tree, Robo mongo & Brackets

* JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Wordpress : divi2

* React JS, MEAN Stack ( All but Angler )


June 2015 - Septemeber - 2015

I Built IB4ts social networking website using Lithium. It's the first in the world in the automotive industry and the third in NZ after BNZ Bank and Vodafone.
I also built the IB4t company website in wordpress.


* Lithium cms, API, CSS, Jquery, Free Mark-up

* HTML, Time management, JavaScript
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KiwiseFebruary 2015 - June 2015

I maintained several websites; I also taught customers WordPress, customized and built a few Wordpress plugins and themes using PHP, HTML, Javascript and JQuery.


* Wordpress, PHP development, Android development

* E-commerce enhancements, Genesis Framework, SAS : Zoho, PolyPay, Xero, Wordpress & CMS/HTML/JAVASCRIPT training

* PHP, HTML, Javascript and Jquery, Code Testing Centos

Mes compétences

Xcode, WPF, WordPress, WooCommerce, WebStorm, WebdriverIO, Web Developer, VMWare, Visual Basic, Unit testing, Ubuntu, TypeScript, Time Management, System testing, Social Media, REST, Requirements Analysis, React Native, Project Management, PreactJS, PHPMyAdmin, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft Excel, LAMP, JSON, jQuery, Jest, JavaScript, Java, Interpersonal skills, Information Management, HTML, GitHub, Git, Gimp, Eclipse IDE, Debugging, Database Management, CSS, COBOL, CentOS, Blockchain, Appium, API, Apache Web Server, Android Studio, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology