Bogdan M.


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5 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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Front end developmentAugust 2018 - Présent

⚫  I have used many features of Vue such as Vuex (with namespaced modules and lazy loading them), Vue Router (lazy loading them and using guards), etc, and I believe I have actually worked with (more or less) all of the features that Vue provides.

⚫  I have also worked with Nuxt.js, although a lot less than Vue. A little bit of Node.js and little Express.js.

⚫  Have learned javascript through learning Vue.js and doing coding challenges on different websites such as,,

⚫  Promises, asyncronous code, Ajax, Axios, form validation, other validations.

⚫  Good with debugging; a lot of development work consists of debugging

⚫  HTML and (S)CSS.

⚫  "Serverless backend" technologies such as Fireabse and AWS (amazon web services).

⚫  I have built a portfolio website which is work in progress so bugs might be , or visually it might not be optimal or optimized but these inconveniences will be fixed, in time, step by step.


⚫  I easily understand technical concepts; I can talk to technical people and to non technical people having the same conversational success; I am sometimes used as a "translator" between these two types of people.

PPT Preturi Pentru TineFebruary 2016 - October 2016

Mes compétences

Web development, Vue.js, Vue CLI, Teamwork, SQL, SCSS, Sass, REST API, Problem Solving, NPM, NoSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, JSON, JavaScript, Interpersonal skills, HTML5, HTML, GraphQL, GitHub, Git, Firebase, Express.js, Debugging, CSS, Axios, AWS, Apollo Client, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AJAX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator