Marius A.

Front End Developer

555 dollar
5 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

Mon expérience

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FreelanceAugust 2017 - Présent

Developing front-end and back-end for websites and web-applications: (Wordpress development for a custom theme and custom plugins) (front-end + SVG competition map) (tower building game using Phaser JS)
An intranet for a company (developing Wordpress plugins, widgets, admin pages, company employee tree, pages bookmarking system, friend lists, chat ; server configuration for multiple PHP versions ; database conversion for faster integration)
Multiplayer Online Browser-based Card BoardGame (NodeJS ; SQLite ; SocketIO ; Express )
A bigger list of Wordpress websites with custom-made templates and plugins
A few web apps to be used on existing websites on several platforms or in-house platforms (File upload, Analytics and action logging, OpenAuth)
Creation of an in-house MVC platform (Heavy Object Oriented PHP and design patterns)
Image Retrieval with Image Classification and fast keyword/class search (PHP ; Python ; Tensorflow-ImageNet ; ElasticSearch)
SEO on websites (Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager,
Security Auditing on Websites (Simple pen-testing and mostly code-analysis for malicious file-upload and session hijacking)
Angular Web App development
Single-Page presentation webpage in Vue
Browser Video Player with Buffering
SOAP API in Java

Game Development:
Mathematics and Physics Faculty course game - Fuco, side-scroller puzzle game in the world of graffiti: (Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints)
GDSession 2018 GameJam Entry - 2D Top-Down real life simulator with lots of choices (Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints)
Extra Credits GameJam Entry - Gravity Impact, 2-Player Duel Game: (Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints)
Other in-progress or dropped games games (Unreal Engine 4 - C++ and Blueprints, and Unity)
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Active SoftOctober 2017 - September 2018

Project development and maintenance for websites or web applications in PHP
Work logging using Jira
Code versioning using SVN and GIT
Developing Wordpress plugins
Moving a website from OracleSQL to PostgreSQL
Redesigning a website and enriching the experience when using it (Mongo, SOLR, Bootstrap 3)
Website Maintenance (Sphinx, custom built - in-house - MVC framework)
Updating a server media convertor for a YouTube-like website (FFMPEG)
Converting invoices to readable format and parsing it to save products
Providing assistance with optimizing Mailchimp-like web application
Redesigning a Wordpress CRM cart
Server maintenance tasks (Apache, Nginx)
Database maintenance tasks (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB)
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The GroupAugust 2016 - July 2017

Development of Wordpress themes and plugins
Keeping up-to-date with social media tools (Facebook, Instagram) and integrating them into applications
Enriching user-experience and redesigning older websites
Development of mobile phone applications using Unity
Development of websites using frameworks (CodeIgniter, CakePHP)
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The GroupJune 2016 - August 2016

Researching social media tools and providing good examples for their uses
Learning advanced web design (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
Learning to design HTML mail templates
Developing HTML5 game prototypes

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns


MongoDB, PostGreSQL, Database Administration, MySQL, SQLite


API, Analytics, Social Media

Environment of Development

Unreal Engine

IT Infrastructure

Git, Nginx, Linux


Game development, FFMPEG




HTML5, C++, C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, HTML


ElasticSearch, Solr

Application servers

Apache Web Server




industry~it, master > master Computer, Back End, Front End, admin, 2D, Instagram, Search Engine Optimisation, Sphinx Software, Mobile Applications, Python Programming, Web Development Intern, Project development and maintenance, OS specific application development, software developer with mostly web development, full- stack developer, Microsoft Windows, Cascading Style Sheets, Junior Web Developer, Apache Subversion, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Tag Manager, Web Developer, database management, Website Design, Website maintenance, server maintenance


Bootstrap, Node.js, WordPress, CakePHP, CodeIgniter

Mes études et formations

Master, Computer, Graphics, Game Development, Computer - Charles University of Prague

Science - Universitatea din Bucureşti2018 - 2020