Alexandra Victoria C.


446 euro
9 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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Self EmployedMarch 2019 - Présent

I've designed and developed different projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

See the project:
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Sparkware TechnologiesNovember 2018 - March 2019

My role was to improve the communication between business stakeholders, customers and internal staff by researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting and identifying solutions to better fit our customer's needs.
I've analyzed the internal documentation of the department and improved it to make the on-boarding for new employees more efficient.
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Ecrion SoftwareMay 2018 - November 2018

I've improved the product used by the customers by investigating and replicating their bugs using the Chrome DevTools and internal tools provided by the company.

I've helped improving our customer's knowledge and usage of the company's
products by creating video tutorials.
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InfologicaJune 2016 - May 2018

I have worked as information system auditor and consultant on 20+ projects of auditing information systems with the most important financial institutions in Romania.
I've communicated directly with the management of each institution, reported the audit findings and made recommendations to each key stakeholders about the results and what actions needed to be taken by management in an efficient manner.
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SOFTEH PLUSJuly 2012 - June 2015

I've contributed in decreasing the number of calls in the department by implementing internal procedures that were followed by the customers in order to solve their problems that were encountered when using the applications.

Also, I was the person designated to train new employees.

Mes compétences

Web Design, Troubleshooting, SQL, Sass, NPM, Jekyll, JavaScript, HTML, Gulp, GitHub, ES6, CSS, Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop