Fabrice P.

Front End Developer

500 dollar
14 ans
Birmingham, ROYAUME-UNI

Mon expérience

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Self EmployedSeptember 2008 - Présent

Through completing WordPress projects for dozens of clients worldwide since 2008, I've developed a robust quality philosophy as well as solid development skills. My current goal is to specialize in and to become an expert at building apps with Vue.js.
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CréaamMarch 2015 - Présent

I’ve been building web projects based on designs created by the Creaam agency for many French clients, including a couple of projects for the second-largest national newspaper in France, Le Figaro.
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Qikker OnlineFebruary 2019 - June 2019

In this collaboration I've worked two months full-time on a complex Vue/Nuxt app involving a high number of components. Besides building a significant number of these components myself, I was also responsible for building the whole functionality related to user comments, including fetching/posting comments from/to the Laravel API backend - I didn't work with Laravel myself though. There were 3 other developers (1 frontend and 2 backend) working with me on this project.
This experience strengthened my experience with Vue and Nuxt.
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AlvlundenMarch 2017 - April 2018

Building WordPress-based medium & large web projects.
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BlackSoapSeptember 2014 - January 2018

Building WordPress-based projects for clients in the fashion industry.
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Agence LuxuryDecember 2015 - October 2016

Building web projects in the luxury industry from supplied designs using WordPress, JS/jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3/Bootstrap. One of these projects was a WooCommerce store for a multi-million dollar Swiss client in the cosmetic industry.
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10CloudsApril 2016 - June 2016

I was hired as a WordPress lead developer by this 80+ employees software agency to work with an in-house developer on a large front-end redesign project involving fancy graphics & animations. I've built the larger part of the basic structure & functionality of the project. We've used a strict Git review workflow involving multiple branches. Other elements of the workflow included Gulp, SASS, BEM methodology, WordPress Sage and Vagrant.
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Consultors BIS ArquitectesJanuary 2007 - January 2008

Taking care of all IT-related needs of the company.

Mes compétences


Web Design, Spanish, GitHub, BEM, Teamwork

Open Source solutions


Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Agile Methodology, Scrum, Agile


JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, Jscript, Sass, CSS, CSS3, HTML, Perl


SCSS, Web Applications, Trello, REST API, RESTful Web Service, Vue.js, Gulp.js, Web development


Bootstrap, WordPress, Node.js, jQuery

Application servers




IT Infrastructure

Git, Network administration



Environment of Development



Cascading Style Sheets, Sage Accounting Software, Webpack, Back End, Front End, Programming, English, French

Mes études et formations

Master’s Degree, IT Network Security - La Salle2005 - 2007