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Freelance Web Developer / DesignerAugust 2018 - Présent

Currently building CRUD/SPA apps in ReactJS which communicate with back end services such as Firebase this has been mainly as a solo developer, but in recent projects I have worked in a team of two developers with weekly SCRUM meetings.

I  have been utilising REST API, Formik (for general form generation and rule setting), Redux for apps that are using firebase API. In some projects I have used json files for loading assets,  migrating apps using the styled component library for lecacy issues from bootstrap , while further developing my skill range by currently learning Gatsby and Node.js, I mainly use GIT or Turtouise SVN.
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AscensosOctober 2017 - September 2019

Worked as a Team Lead part of the Argos Customer Advisor team, making sure deliveries are met, liaising with the aftercare team ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Two- man delivery trained across all platforms. Part of the role included training new members of staff on all applications in the Argos Campaign.

ICRTouchOctober 2015 - March 2016

Southampton Solent UniversityJune 2014 - June 2015

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ISV Software LtdDecember 2013 - March 2014

Building and maintaining online test modules for client testing and skill improvements, including bug fixes and building new features.
Voir plus digital entertainmentMarch 2011 - September 2013

Currently Building Slot And Scratchcard Games using the parsley framwork.
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2008May 2008 - July 2012

*    Built a micro site using AS3 and  XML in a  design pattern  style, the main site xml, loaded a secondary xml which then parsed data back along to the main swf file where the data would be loaded to.
Flash Developer Sept 2008
The  Hub

*    Developed Banners using AS3 and XML.
Flash Developer Sept 2008
Dare Digital

*    Worked on the Sony  Hotspot  project, this consisted of a MVC Pattern 2 Application built around, XML (which loaded in images and videos), and AS3. The application used to work on it was ColdFusion + FD.   
Flash Developer Sept 2008
Maynard Malone

*    Modified the Beefeaters website, which consisted of an MVC model, that loaded data from files via XML.
Flash Developer Sept 2008

*    Modified the Film four movie database, this consisted of a MVC Pattern Application built XML, AS3,  and a back end database.; Rapier

*    The lead developer, using AS2/3 in projects such as two Pru-Health, one of the websites has an animating  health-o-metre . Message labs animation, which consists of a 3 minute cartoon with built in coded sound modules for a realism effect (this was done in English and German). Gartmore Banners, completed using AS2 and XML. Virgin MPS, which uses a 3D Virtual engine to place the  Virgin bubbles  in cyber space.
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MRM WorldwideNovember 2009 - November 2009

Built several Expandable banners for Vauxhall using AS3 and AS2 to be used on MSN, AOL, Yahoo, AutoCar and AutoTrader.
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Ogilvy - Redworks DigitalJanuary 2009 - February 2009

Building Banners, using Eyeblaster & DoubleClick, working on microsites for top clients such as IBM, Pfizer & Abedeen_GE. All the Microsties, interactive video adverts. And Homepage Takeover banners are all done in AS2 and AS3 with XML.

Flash Developer December 2009
Built several expandable, static and homepage takeovers for the television programmes "Stormchasers" and "Destroyed In Seconds" for the Discovery Channel. Using XML and AS3.
Flash Developer November 2009
MRM Worldwide
Built several Expandable banners for Vauxhall using AS3 and AS2 to be used on MSN, AOL, Yahoo, AutoCar and AutoTrader.

Flash Developer October-November 2009

*    Built the felix brandsite UK version, which consisters of various streamed video players, galleries and context which is built using a combination of AS3 and xml. Also optimized the new Blackberry website which has been built using the pure MVC pattern 2.

Flash Developer September 2009
Haymarket Media

*    Built the Cannon Online Magazine using AS3 and XML, which was built to be placed on a Tridion server system, the site was also built costumed for the languages French Spanish Italian Dutch and German.

Flash Developer September 2009

*    Constructed the synchronized sound control for the Nokia Project using Local Host connections.

Flash Developer August 2009

*    Built a series of HSBC loggin tutorial animations using AS3 for the HSBC FAQ section of the new website.

Flash Developer March 2009
Developed interactive flash maps in AS3 and XML for the RBS website.
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lambfragrance.coSeptember 2007 - September 2007

* Designed websites in AS2 and flash blocks using action script.

* I worked on client based websites using Action Script 2 to Create Gambling games, also worked on Gwen Stefani website

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XML, Web Design, UX Design, UX, TortoiseSVN, Spanish, Scrum, REST API, Redux, React.js, Photoshop, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, Illustrator, HTML5, HTML, Git, Gatsby.js, Flex, Flash, Firebase, Design Patterns, Debugging, CSS, Content Management, CMS, Blackberry, ActionScript