Chris S.

Front End Developer

365 dollar
10 ans

Mon expérience

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Sainsbury'sSeptember 2018 - Présent

•    Daily sales analysis on store’s lines
•    Daily product portfolio analysis
•    Management of IT’s product system
•    IT support for in-store sales system
•    Daily waste and budget analysis
•    Daily shrinkage analysis
•    Physical implementation of new lines
•    Visual dressing and product positioning
•    Physical management of product storage and ticketing
•    Managing and implementing seasonal lines
•    Daily ticketing checks for license to trade
•    Managing departmental colleagues in product redresses
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Self EmployedJanuary 2019 - Présent

• Programming for clients; front-end web sites
• Experience with Bootstrap and jQuery
• Exposure to advanced CSS libraries, such as Particle.JS
• UX and mobile-first design
• Minor experience with dynamic web apps such as Laravel
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Marks and SpencerJanuary 2017 - January 2018

* Analyse all national and international sales
* Monthly product (article) requests and updates
* Weekly client/buyer interaction
* Fix billed/invoicing errors and build analytical corrections reports
* Close work with finance and accounting departments for updated invoices and bills
* Heavy use of SAP Oracle financial software (including SQL querying)
* Heavy use of Excel including Excel formula (if statements, lookups, etc), pivot tables, and big data analysis.
* Analysis of over 500,000 products weekly
* Pricing and system setup for new products
* Promotions and price reduction management for all products internationally
* Weekly/Monthly/Yearly summary reports with post-phase analysis
* Identification of poorly/incorrect selling articles for future correction
* Working with over twenty price lists across multiple VAT/Tax systems
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Sainsbury'sJanuary 2013 - January 2017

* Daily sales analysis on store's lines
* Daily product portfolio analysis
* Management of IT's product system
* IT support for in-store sales system
* Daily waste and budget analysis
* Daily shrinkage analysis
* Physical implementation of new lines
* Visual dressing and product positioning
* Physical management of product storage and ticketing
* Managing and implementing seasonal lines
* Daily ticketing checks for license to trade
* Managing departmental colleagues in product redresses
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learnsofteng.comJanuary 2015 - January 2015

I authored and wrote articles on several basic disciplines in software engineering, with an aim to progress to further fields of object-oriented coding. The website is now recognised by the Westminster University Programming Society, and is still updated and used, for new arrivals.
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Sainsbury'sJanuary 2010 - January 2012

Reporting to every department and assisting in waste management, minor IT support and product replenishment. Aiding customers to purchase and locate items both in delivery stock and warehouse supply. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in food display and storage areas.

Mes compétences

Big Data

Big Data

Environment of Development

IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Android Studio


Software Engineering, Oracle Financials


Particle, Programming, Android development, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Mobile-First Design, Physical management, Physical implementation, Data Structures, Pivot Tables, Powerpoint, User Interface Design, Front End, Microsoft Office, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft C-SHARP, English

IT Infrastructure



Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, OpenGL

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Data analysis, UI Design, Algorithms, UX, UX Design, Time Management

Analysis methods and tools



Python, HTML5, HTML, C, Jscript, C#, CSS, Java, C++, SQL, JavaScript, UML, OOP

Mes études et formations

Courses - -

Bachelor of Engineering, Software Engineering - University of Westminster2014 - 2017