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FINRAJanuary 2019 - Présent

Drupal front end developer working on theme development content migration of D7 to D8.
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DrupalMaze.comOctober 2012 - Présent

Drupalmaze | Hi-End Solutions For Your Dynamic Web Presence
Looking for design & development help?

Our goal is to provide reliable and quality services that will solve your technology and business problems.

Our Services :
Designing Drupal Theming for Performance
Building Drupal Custom Module
Web Development
Apps development
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University of MinnesotaNovember 2014 - Présent

Senior Drupal Developer
Jun 2015 –

Work closely with development team to create intuitive and streamlined interfaces for websites, online applications (payment processing, online courses, data collection, etc).

Primary role is to design and develop Drupal New websites for high profile University of Minnesota. As the sole designer and developer on all Drupal projects I am involved in all aspects of the project including initial client meetings and documentation, while solely responsible for the conceptualization, architecture, themeing, module configuration and content creation.

- UI and UX Designer
- Defined solutions and long term strategies
- Built wireframes, prototypes and defined project specifications
- User interface and email designs
- Usability and standards implementation
- Guide functionality and UX with in-house and third party developers
- Built, configured and themed sites using Drupal, HTML, CSS and jQuery/JavaScript
- Manage Developers and Technical Producers

Drupal Developer
Nov 2014 – Jun 2017
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Contract PositionsDecember 2013 - Présent

Researched for best technology solutions and defined project scopes.  Set standards for all elements having to do with project design from the front-end aspect, which included functionality and usability to code formatting and graphic creation. Insured design integrity and consistency through out the development cycles.
Problem solving
Ability to priorities
• Strong logic & analytical skills
– Structured and fact based
• Numeracy
• Interpersonal & listening skills
• Team working skills
• Leadership
• Maturity
  Ability to generate hypotheses
• Ability to deal with ambiguity
Interest and drive
  Not intimidated by problems
• Initiative & energy
• Broad interest, steep learning curve
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Work on the Drupal 7 and created the sub-theme.
Reaching millions of service & collision repair professionals, technicians, original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers every day, we drive insightful news analysis, research and trends, entertainment, new product information and buying opportunities to customers at their shop, office and home — keeping them passionate, competitive, and connected.

On 19 December Advanstar became part of UBM plc, a leading global events-led marketing and communications services business.  As a result, Advanstar is now called UBM Advanstar.
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www.kcm.orgMay 2014 - June 2014

Custom Drupal Module development working on two VM Box. SocialEngine is PHP community software that helps you build your own custom social network website. Advanced social networking features include blogs, job is to integrated with exiting drupal 7 site.
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Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) - Columbia UniversityDecember 2013 - March 2014

Theme Development : Write front end code to match design compositions

Views pages. These pages help you query the database and display bits of information about your nodes or other data. Views pages don't come by default with Drupal, but they're usually added when developing a site.

Panel pages. By including bundles of page layout modules, Panel pages provide a means of creating custom pages and node page layouts.

Webform pages. Webforms are online forms used to collect data from users and export that data for use elsewhere. Examples include a survey, contact form, sign up form, and so on.

Module pages. Module pages vary based on the module. If a module displays content or a form, it will likely come with a URL path for you to use. For example, the search module produces a search results page.
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DrupalmazeOctober 2013 - December 2013

At Drupalmaze we started new project and deliver to our third party, project was to building e-commerce site from scratch, We have pick the Drupal 7 Commerce.

Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes. At its core it is lean and mean, enforcing strict development standards and leveraging the greatest features of Drupal 7 and major modules like Views and Rules for maximum flexibility.

Phase One
Defining the goals Justify & approve the project and getting going with a team onsite drupal team.
hiring the team Sr.Drupal Developer working with junior Drupal developer, helping them to work on dev environment.  

Phase Two Planing  
Getting out Determining what and how can be done,  everything that needs to be done is documented , and by when Phase Get it done Manage work and people, check progress, dealing with changes and upcoming challenges of the project.

Phase Three
Deliver it and finish up Deliver to the customer, and end the project gracefully
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NBCUniversal, Inc.October 2012 - March 2013

Drive architecture and technical design for NBCsport digital products.
Migrating non-Drupal websites to Drupal 7 installation.
Speeding up work by using Drush for NBCsport  Drupal 7 installation.
Maintenance of Drupal site for local channels and sports web site.
Every day push code to prod site using tool Source control systems (Git).
Cross-browser compatibility, QA Testing cross-browser, cross-platform, and/or cross-device compatibility for inconsistencies.
Working on the project using web development languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.
Interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
NBC local .
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screenitup.comSeptember 2012 - October 2012

Build Drupal 7 website from the scratch first took the wire frame converted to the psd file upon approval of design then next step to build the drupal theme.

Drupal 7 development
Develop creative concepts for themes and admin interaction
HTML/CSS development
Technical support help client to move the drupal site from local server to production server site.
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drupalmazeJanuary 2012 - September 2012

Drupal Developer
Feb 2012 – Sep 2012

co-founder of the drupal maze.

Drupal 7 (Front & Back End Web developer)
Jan 2012 – Mar 2012

Website created in drupal7 using the core module, Theme design for Desktop and Mobile device also Data integrated using Feed Module.
•    Designed and developed blog for website using Drupal 7
•    Set up servers and databases using PHP5 and MySQL
•    Data Feed and Integration Third party API
•    Theme Customization
•    FTP, SSH, Subversion
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valtech.comFebruary 2012 - June 2012

Main role was Drupal Architecture help client to understand how Drupal CMS work, Whats step needed to transfer the existing .net site to Drupal.
Project handed to me where i have to do the audit of the existing  drupal 6.0 version website after that write documentation how site can upgrade.
Drupal Architect setting the LAMP for the Drupal team Handling workflow throw with Subversion.
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AdKeeper.comFebruary 2011 - February 2012

Templates/Style sheets, Graphic/Icon Design, Wire frames, banners.

Creating the .NET Templates, Building Header & footer, Side Menu, Navigation bar, CSS, Information Architecture and HTML landing pages.

Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.
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Shazwear.comApril 2011 - September 2011

Drupal 7 e-commerce web site.

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Wireframes, Web development, Web Design, UX Design, UX, Usability testing, UI Design, Technical Support, Teamwork, Social Media, Sass, React.js, Problem Solving, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Motion Graphics, MEAN Stack, Logo Design, Less, LAMP, jQuery, JavaScript, IT Strategy, iOS, HTML5, HTML, GUI, Graphic Design, Git, FTP, E-commerce, Drush, Drupal, DHTML, Design, CSS3, CSS, CMS, API, Apache Web Server, Apache, Animation, Analytics, Adobe Creative Suite