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David A.


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14 ans

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  • 14 years of industry experience
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Fender DigitalMay 2016 - Présent

● Rebuilt Fender Play’s Marketing site using Gatsby, React, Typescript and Styled Components. 
● Built the Fender Play web app using React, Webpack, Node, and Tachyons; Tachyons is a functional CSS library. 
● Contributed to the React Native version of Fender Play. 
● Led the development of several features for the-Fender Play application. 
● Authored a progressive image renderer with lazy-loading using React hooks. 
● Authored and maintained Fender’s monorepo consisting of React components and vanilla JavaScript modules. 
● Wrote unit tests using Jest and Enzyme. 
● Onboarded new employees and provided knowledge share. 
● Mentored junior- and mid-level engineers. 
● Built ember addons that were used for the web application. 
● Contributed to the redesign of using ember.js.
● Architected Fender’s style guide using design patterns such as BEM, CSS, and ITCSS.
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Ubiquiti NetworksAugust 2013 - April 2016

● Front-End UI Engineer for redesign of 
● Contributed to code reviews, company-wide UI components, and CSS style guides. 
● Managed the front-end UI for SSO & Organizations for the U-CRM team. 
● Well-versed in the following technologies: Backbone.js, RequireJS, Express, jQuery, and Sass. 
● Built Bower_Components for package management. 
● Utilized BEM & SMACSS methodology to architect CSS for various applications. 
● Utilized workflow tools including Grunt.js, Bower, and Yeoman.
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TBWA/Chiat/DayFebruary 2011 - August 2013

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Energizer, Nissan, Infiniti, Bestfriends, Bare Escentuals, Principal Financial Group, Visa, Pacific Standard Time
● Developed web apps with AngularJS, jQuery, and Sass. 
● Utilized SMACSS methodology to architect CSS for various projects. 
● Advised UX and creative team on solutions for various projects. 
● Implemented cross-browser compliant code. 
● Worked closely with back-end developers on- and off-site. 
● Utilized workflow tools such as Grunt.js, Bower, and Yeoman. 
● Collaborated with art directors and producers.
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Ignite HealthSeptember 2010 - February 2011

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Amgen, Gilead, United Therapeutics, and Edwards
● Utilized ActionScript based animated headers. 
● Created and developed interactive instructional modules. 
● Developed interactive banners and UI components.
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Vision Design StudioOctober 2008 - July 2010

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Food Network, Devry, and The Art Institutes
● User interface designer on multimedia based sites. 
● Developed websites to client specifications using CSS/HTML and JQuery. 
● Integrated designs with content management tools such as Joomla. 
● Icon designer for web and mobile devices. 
● Introduced new and improved web standards; use of open source CSS frameworks for national web campaigns, such as Blue Print CSS. 
● Responsible for developing CSS frameworks and JQuery driven media for non-national campaigns. 
● Developed sites and applications using Flash and Flex with Actionscript 3.0, XML
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TraffikMay 2008 - October 2008

CLIENTS INCLUDE: CareMore, Health Net, NSI Nails, Chicago Chamber of Commerce
● User interface designer for HTML/CSS based sites. 
● HTML/CSS developer on cross-browser compliant sites. 
● Designed and developed Flash based sites in Actionscript 3.0. 
● Designed brochures, flyer ads, and prepared files for print production. 
● Interacted with clients to assist in creative solutions for projects.

Mes compétences

Yeoman, XML, Webpack.js, Web development, Vim, Vanilla JS, UX Design, Unit testing, UI Design, TypeScript, Styled Components, Sass, Responsive Design, Require.js, Redux, React.js, React Native, Logo Design, jQuery, Joomla, Jest, JavaScript, Illustrator, HTML5, HTML, Grunt.js, Git, Gatsby.js, Flex, Flash, Express.js, ESLint, Enzyme, Ember.js, Design Patterns, Cypress, CSS3, CSS, Content Management, Bower, BEM, Backbone.js, AngularJS, ActionScript 3, ActionScript