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University of WashingtonNovember 2019 - Présent

Rambler | https://github.com/dhens/Rambler | https://gorambler.herokuapp.com
A hiking app to search for hikes, track your completed hikes, and set up a bucket list of hikes that the user wishes to visit in the future.
Collaborated with a team of 4 developers to design, code, debug and deploy the application within 3 ½ weeks. We relied heavily on communication, and inter-team feedback.
I am Lead designer and responsible for the entire front end including the app layout, logo, structure, and made it a mobile first responsive app. Entire project was done remotely using Zoom & Slack.
HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, React.js, Bulma, Git

Paranormal Activity Reporter | https://github.com/dhens/Paranormal-Activity-Reporter | https://intense-beach-33729.herokuapp.com
A message board app that allows users to leave input on a variety of topics that revolve around paranormal activity and conspiracy theories.
Lead design in a group of 5. First project that was done totally remote. Designed page layout, color schemes, as well assisting with Passport Authentication.
HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Bulma, Passport, Git

Eat - Da - Burger | https://github.com/dobbe2/burger | https://whispering-fortress-69757.herokuapp.com
A restaurant app that lets users input the names of burgers they’d like to eat.
This is a solo project that focused on using Handlebars and Databases.
HTML, CSS, Node, Express, Handlebars, ORM

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Web development, Team management, SQL, Responsive Design, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, CSS, Bulma, Bootstrap