Kostadin K.

Full Stack Developer

555 dollar
7 ans

Mon expérience

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Lufthansa Industry SolutionsJune 2016 - Présent

* I was the main architect of an internal component library used for the needs of the team for all web apps using Angular and TypeScript. The main modules I’m particularly proud of include: 
  * Data Grid using RxJS with full set of features like paging, sorting, ltering, dynamic templates, inline editing, column resizing, prole management 
* Auto generation of angular http services based on a Swagger json 
* Dynamic Component creation service with multiple View Containers 
* Implementing the bundling, versioning and publishing processes of the library using webpack (later switched to Angular CLI) and npm scripts 
* Writing migration scripts using node and ts-morph to facilitate the migrations between major library versions 
* Independently developing over 5 Angular applications centered around a client’s production processes 
* Modifying and adding new endpoints in a Java (Spring Boot) monolith codebase 
* Migrating (and guiding teammates to migrate) several AngularJS applications to Angular
* Using Cordova and Xcode to create iOS apps based on Angular web apps 
* Writing E2E tests using Cypress 
* Creating a CLI tool for my teammates using nodejs, commander and inquirer for automating boring repetitive tasks and eliminating human error
* Taking care of bug xing and/or change requests in applications developed by me or my teammates 
* Creation of vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator 
* Creation of interactive SVG graphics using SVG.js for the needs of the applications
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ScaleFocusJune 2015 - June 2016

* Working independently on new application modules using AngularJS on the frontend and .NET Web API and MS SQL Server on the backend 
*  Setting up and writing the full E2E test suite for the project using Protractor and Selenium WebDriver 
*  Designing recurring backend tasks which were run by a task scheduler and optimizing them for ef}ciency and scalability

Mes compétences


HTML5, Java, TypeScript, Sass, CSS3, HTML, ASP.NET, C#


React.js, Webpack.js, Web Services, SVG, Spring Boot, RxJS, .NET Framework


Adobe Illustrator

IT Infrastructure



Microsoft SQL Server

Analysis methods and tools

Subversion (svn)


API, Styled Components

Environment of Development


Software testing



AngularJS, Redux, Angular, .NET, Node.js

Mes études et formations

Web Development and IT Technologies - IT Academy “Software University”2014 - 2016