David C.


391 euro
5 ans
Toronto, CANADA

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WSC Sports Technologies LtdSeptember 2014 - April 2018

Created my own super-intuitive framework for React called Cartiv. This framework is now implemented in most of our new apps, and it helps writing with a lot of ease.
- Developed an online tool similar to Photoshop. This was done with Canvas and client image editing processes.
- Designed and created an online platform that creates sports highlights from complex demands.
That was our biggest project, and it demanded a lot of thinking about architecture. Today this app continues growing with a lot of ease so my initial planning was proven to be solid.
- Implemented the same platform in mobile (iOS + Android) with React Native.
- Created a full boilerplate using NPM for script running, webpack for merging code, ESLint, Sass, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Technologies: JavaScript, React, React Native, SCSS, HTML, Node, Express, Passport, Angular
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Smart Financial TrafficApril 2012 - August 2013

Maintained a large codebase of an existing web portal.
- Created new widgets for the portal.

Technologies: PHP, jQuery. CSS3, JavaScript

Mes compétences

WordPress, SQLite, SQL, SCSS, Sass, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Jscript, jQuery, JavaScript, Image Processing, HTTP, HTML5, HTML, Google Tag Manager, Git, Express.js, Express, Debugging, Bootstrap, BEM, API, Ant, AngularJS, Adobe Photoshop