Richard Z.


586 dollar
7 ans
Changchun, CHINA

Mon expérience

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Next Idea Tech, IncJune 2019 - Présent

- Best practices and standards

- Lead Developer role in several projects. optimization
- Programmed applications and tools using Node.js, TypeScript, and Design and development
Python object-oriented languages with goals for code abstraction,
stability and reuse. Testing and deployment

- Supervised 3-person team, discussed project roadblocks to drive issue Project documentation

resolution and promote use of best practices. Ruby(Ruby on Rails

- Used Django, Express, React and Angular framework to build web apps Framework)

for text editing, email campaign, management and video conferencing. Python(Django/Flask

- Created proof-of-concept prototype applications for demonstration Framework)

and evaluation purposes. Node(Express/Sails

- Conducted full life-cycle software development in multiple software Framework)

environments. React.js

- Performed functional, non-functional, regression and performance MySQL/MongoDB
tests for updated systems. Amazon Web Services
- Created technical workflows in wiki to promote education and training Jira/Notion/ClickUp
of newly hired employees.
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Pattern, IncJuly 2020 - September 2020

- Backend Developer role in AWS project Chinese, English
- Wrote several lambda functions in Ruby and deployed to AWS Lambda

with API Gateway and Cloud Formation.
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NeusoftSeptember 2017 - August 2018

- Developed an online voting system with an experienced Agile Team.

- Built a RESTful API using Node/Express.

- Integrated ElasticSearch for super-fast searching. Handled with a large database of election data.

- Provided Swagger documentation of the API.

- Built the front-end using React.js/Redux.

- Unit tests using Chai and Jasmine.

- E2E tests for the user experience using Cypress.

- Performance monitoring using New Relic and professional logging using Sentry.

- Identified issues in software processes and implemented optimization techniques, resulting in 5% increase in productivity.

- Detailed all aspects of software development in technical manuals and documentation for use in later projects.
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SAPDecember 2016 - May 2017

- Completed Text Editor project in Django/React.

- Produced the high-impact, user-friendly website that accomplished all business goals.

- Developed scripts to communicate with back-end servers in order to provide real-time updated information.

- Completed code debugging and implemented fixes to resolve problems based on priority systems.

- Developed production, test and beta website.
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ObjectivaDecember 2015 - November 2016

- Created proof-of-concept prototype applications for demonstration and evaluation purposes.

- Focused on micro services solutions including AWS Lambda, RDS and

- Designed AWS CloudFormation for several standups.

- Designed scalable back-end systems using Elastic Load Balancing.

- Wrote lambda functions using Python.

- Wrote user manuals and other documentation for roll-out in customer training sessions.
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JF computer systems Co. LtdJuly 2014 - October 2015

- Worked as a full-stack web developer in the Agile team of 7 people.
- Built a RESTful API for an e-commerce platform using Django.

- Integrated Stripe as payment modules to the platform.

- Implemented 2FA using Twilio, SSO using Google and Facebook

- Designed email templates and integrated MailGun for email campaigns.

- Deployment and server management using AWS.

Mes compétences

Vue.js, Unit testing, TypeScript, Software Development, SOAP, Server Management, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RESTful, REST, Redis, React.js, Python, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Jasmine, GraphQL, Git, Express.js, ElasticSearch, Django, Debugging, Cucumber, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Web Services