Samy G.

Full Stack Developer

595 dollar
13 ans
Orléans, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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FreelanceJanuary 2018 - Présent

Développement fullstack à temps plein sur diverses projets dans les domaines de la formation en ligne, l'énergie, le monitoring, la santé ou la restauration.

Symfony :

   - création de formulaires complexes

   - upload/download de fichiers, export PDF dynamiques

   - batchs Symfony

   - interactions avec Google Meet et Google Calendar

   - notifications push (Mercure)

   - API Platform

   - Upgrade versions Symfony

   - Queue messaging

   - Webpack

Angular :

   - développement d'IHM complètes

   - authentification (JWT)

   - gestion des événements asynchrones (RXJS)

   - gestion des états (NGRX)

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Orange Business ServicesNovember 2011 - November 2014

Database Administrator
Jan 2012 – Nov 2014
2 yrs 11 mos

Integrated in the DBA Skills Center

- Training followed (official) : Oracle Database Administration 11g (1st level)
- Installing Oracle servers (Linux and Windows)... See more

Jul 2011 – Nov 2014
3 yrs 5 mos

TMA for automated pilotoftrucks assembly lines

technical support (24 hours a day – 5days a week) for the maintenance
of automated pilot of assembly lines in software operational conditions
The architectures are built on :
* Automated pilot modules
* Web interfaces (IIS, PHP, Oracle)
* Automates

- Training operators on factory sites
- Analyzing operators’ technical problems
- Investigating/diagnosing during each call
- Implementing corrections where needed

Tools and methods: Industrial IT, Oracle 10g, Windows Server/Linux, Cluster
Responsible for exploitation/integration
Jan 2012 – May 2013
1 yr 5 mos

PPM OLNC provides a portal for projects and resources management. Its perimeters are:
* Clarity software (project management software package, resources, budgets)
* PHP Access portal on Zend Server application software
* Business Objectenvironment

Responsible for software integration in production.
Responsible for internal technical environments

- Coordination of architecture installation in production
- Coordination of task sequencing and monitoring
- Administration of Oracle Database 11g
- Writing operating processes
- Delivering platforms and maintenance for project team
- Technical referent for integration and operation issues

Tools and methods: Oracle Administration 11g, UNIX/Linux, ZendServer See less

Responsible for qualityNov 2011 – May 2012
7 mos

Responsible for quality process around AGILE method for Offre Propreté project
Offre Propreté is an application for the geographical localization of dumpster’s fleet.

- Writing quality documents (qualification plans, acceptance testing document)
- Installing and setting up quality tool
- Designing and running test plans
- Creating data set
- Demonstrating to customer

Tools and methods: Quality, AGILE method
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Orange Business ServicesApril 2007 - May 2011

Prime Contracting Coordinator
Apr 2010 – May 20111 yr 2 mos

Technical and functional coordination on Java and PHP projects.
The applications meet different functional needs :
* Web interface : displaying of compatibility score between mobile phones and offers
* Web Services : compatibility between mobile phones and services...
Technical responsible for environments
Apr 2009 – Mar 20101 yr

Responsible for the operation of the platforms of Instantis (project management software, commercialized by Computer Associate)

- Integration on experimental environment
- Writing operating processes for integration team (pre-production and production)
- Regular conference calls with Computer Associate team in San Francisco
- Setting up of Apache/Tomcat/WebAgent
- Managing operating issues

Tools and methods: UNIX, Apache, Tomcat, WebAgent
Validation and integrationDec 2008 – Mar 2010
1 yr 4 mos

charge of validation and integration on an implementation project of
Clarity (software package for project management, resources, budgets,
charges, commercialized by ComputerAssociate).
Project following AGILE method.

- Writing CMMI quality documents
- Setting up Clarity and programming solutions (XML)
- Oracle database administration
- Designing tests plans and validation with Quality Center
- Integrating
- Automating tests with Jmeter tool

Tools and methods: Clarity, AGILE, Quality Center, CMMI, XML, Oracle administration, JMeter
Coordination, validation and integrationApr 2007 – Nov 2008
1 yr 8 mos

Responsible for the validation of internet portals on mobile sales and fleet management

- Managing issues: coordinating between all partners
- International project, multiple business trips to Orange UK office
- Designing tests plans on Quality Center
- Integrating, deploying and creating installation procedures

Programming shell script packages for automation of integration process around the application (catalogues, labels, images, CSS)

Tools and methods: UNIX, ATG, WebLogic, Quality Center, Oracle, Shell
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SERFI DeveloppementApril 2005 - June 2006

Programming, optimizationand maintenance of debt collection management package software « GPC ».
SERFI is the French leader on debt collection management package software.

- Programming additional modules (PHP/Javascript)
- Programming SQL stored procedures
- Building Oracle compatibility (translating SQLServer stored procedures)
- Installing on customer platform

Tools and methods: SQLServer, Zend Platform, PHP, Javascript, HTML, SQL, Management
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LexmarkJuly 2003 - December 2003

Development of a program to assist operators of printer packages

- Analyzing existing domain
- Specific development of a module around JDEdwards ERP (RPG/CLP languages)

Tools and methods: JDEdwards ERP, AS-400 servers, RPG and CLP languages

Mes compétences



Software testing



Behaviour-Driven Development, Master MIAGE, industry~transport, éditeur de logiciels, intégrateur, French, Microsoft Windows, Ingénieur informatique polyvalent, English, Développeur fullstack

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Mercury Quality Center, Agile


Symfony, jQuery UI, AngularJS, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap


CMMi, Quality Assurance, API, Management


CLP, PHP, CSS, Shell, JavaScript, SQL, XML, RPG

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git, Docker, Unix


Tomcat, Symfony 4

Application servers

Zend Server, Apache, Apache Web Server


Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle 11g, MySQL

Mes études et formations

- Université d'Orléans - MASTER - MIAGE (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la GEstion)2002 - 2005