Pierre C.


610 euro
6 ans
Toulouse, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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BRICOPRIVE.COM - Full-timeMarch 2019 - Présent

BricoPrive is a 9 million users private sale website dedicated to construction and home furnishing, built on an 8 old PHP system developed by a service provider.
An internal IT team has been built to migrate to newer technologies, harvest the power of AWS and improve the efficiency of every business units with tweaks and automation.

I was responsible for the design, scaling cloud architecture, early stages of development and documentation of the API that replaces the PHP website with a React frontend.
It was built on NodeJS, Typescript, Docker, MySQL and an event sourcing micro-services architecture assuring asynchronous processing functionalities.

I also worked on different ETLs with Python, Jupyter notebooks and Airflow, and assisted the lead developer in training two students who were in alternated learning.
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FreelanceJuly 2017 - April 2019

- Wordpress webmaster (one blog and one e-commerce website)
- LMS (Learning Management System) Development:
- - Backend (NodeJS, MondoDB, ExpressJS, WebSockets)
- - Frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS)
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La Petite Fabrique D'EdithJuly 2016 - March 2019

- Wordpress webmaster (2 websites, 35k monthly visitors)

- LMS (Learning Management System) Development:

- - Backend (NodeJS, MondoDB, ExpressJS, WebSockets)

- - Frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS)
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WinnovDecember 2017 - October 2018

- Application architecture design

- Identify areas of risk in the development plan

- Clarify tasks and their different technical specifications

- Dispatch the tasks to the developers and validate their work

- Track project advances and provide status to the end customers
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LiskDecember 2016 - November 2017

- Founded the Lisk France organisation, organizing public events, helding meetups, coordinating the development work.
- Led multiple blockchain-based project, including a delegate portal and a blockchain nodes monitor.
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Web-atrioApril 2017 - June 2017

Development of my end of study project, a Learning Management System (LMS), which was the continuation of one of my previous works as a freelancer.

Frontend rewrite from AngularJS to Angular 2.
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IMS33November 2012 - December 2012

PC assembly / installation

New PC preparation (Windows 7 and 8)

Troubleshooting / Windows Recovery with data backup

Mes compétences

WebSockets, Vue.js, UML, Team management, Symfony, SQL, Social Networks, Scrum, React.js, Qt, Project Management, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Meteor, Linux, Lightroom, JavaScript, Java, Inkscape, HTML5, Express.js, Debian, CSS, C/C++, AWS, AngularJS, Angular, Agile