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Lead Javascript Developer - Lumapps01.08.2019 - 01.12.2019

Lumapps was transitioning their front-end stack from AngularJS to ReactJS. I was in charge of this migration as well as creating their latest feature Social Advocacy.
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Lead JavaScript Developer - Moovly01.10.2017 - 01.12.2018

The company was moving the development of their front-end code from a contracting partner to a freshly hired in-house development team. I was hired to lead that team. The team is composed of 3 full-time developers and 2 outside contractors.

Lead Full-stack Developer - Boatingway.com01.07.2015 - 01.09.2017

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Docker - Syncontrol01.01.2014 - 01.01.2015

Tech Stack: NodeJS - MongoDB - ReactJS - Redux - Alicloud - Docker\n\n French Senior Full-stack Developer \nChinese (mandarin) Syncontrol is project management so*ware for quality control inspectors. It standardizes the\nway that inspectors build their reports and streamline the inspection process. I've started working on the platform in 2012 as a contractor and eventually was hired as lead developer in\n 2014.\n\n Tech Stack: BackboneJS - PHP(Laravel) - Mysql - AWS - Vagrant\n\n Senior Full-stack Developer at 3magine, Toronto\n\n 2014\n I acted as a remote senior full stack developer for 3magine - a web development studio based in Canada. I was given charge of full stack development for one of the studio largest client.\n\n Teach Stack:PHP(Laravel), BackboneJS, ReactJS
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lead full-stack developer - BoatingWay's ambition was to become the Airbnb of boat rental01.01.2015 - 01.01.2015

BoatingWay's ambition was to become the Airbnb of boat rental in China. Convinced by the vision of the founder, I joined as a \nBeing early on board I build every aspect of the application from scratch and got to use cutting edge technologies. ES6/7, docker automated deployments, micro-services\n\nFeatures of the app include: online payment, advanced boat management (scheduling, creation of trips), incentivizing engine, multi-lingual UI\nUnfortunately, the project is running out of financing and we haven't reached profitability, hence\nI've decided to move on.
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client/engineer - Nota01.01.2012 - 01.01.2014

Founder at Nota.io, \n I've developed Nota.io to scratch my own itch: "Making client/engineer feedback loop smoother".\nThe app let the clients write their feedback directly on the top of the live app, which in turn let the developer see the issues in their exact original context. Eventually, I released the app as SaaS. I've

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JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Python, HTML5


MySQL, MongoDB

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Docker


Amazon Web Services, React.js, Machine Learning, AWS


AngularJS, Node.js, Laravel


Problem Solving, Project Management, Quality control

Environment of Development


Software testing

PhantomJS, Unit testing