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Offshore CompaniesMarch 2018 - Présent

• Been part of the development of 4 insurance solutions for offshore companies: the tech stack used in the first two projects is Angular/Sails/Express/
JAVA/PHP/Webpack following the MVC classic layered architecture with a
multi-language features for performances and specific use cases but in the last
two projects we followed the separation of concerns by dividing the logic by domains following the microservice or serverless architecture and the tech stack
was Nuxt/Express/Java/PHP/Docker/Progressive Web App.
• Developed a credit demand system integrated as a widget (iframe) in the
insurance partners that makes demands to the payment gateway and the
tech stack was based on Vue/Nuxt/Express/JAVA/PHP.
• Developed a desktop app for a reatail company that transcodes files from
sage format to csv or excel and the opposite side and the tech stack was Electron.
• Developed a crawler for data mining insurance infos used in insurance project
and the tech stack was Selenium (JAVA).
• Used ETL solutions or data science for extracting, transforming and saving
huge data in different formats and the tech stack was pandas/numpy/jupyter/
• Incepted and developed a CI/CD pipeline for continuous integration, deployment (staging) and delivery (production) with automated testing (unit,
integration, e2e).
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Tourist ProjectMay 2016 - February 2018

• Career debut, have been part of a tourism project based on react/javascript/
node have developed some backend and frontend sub-modules, the project was
structured in microservice architecture the authentication, it has been broken in
sub-modules like information system management, search, payment, geolocation
and many more.
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ProjectsJanuary 2009 - June 2015

• Project 1: Design, integration and deployment of a log analyzer that
can manage and archive a huge volume of real-time data optimized for cloud
• Project 2: Design and development of an e-commerce platform with Magento. 
• Project 3: Design and development of an android mobile application allowing
memos management and private chat. 
• Project 4 Design and development of a web application that manages a park’s
data system for a client company.

Mes compétences

Software Engineering, Selenium, Ruby, RabbitMQ, Python, PHP, NoSQL, MVC, Magento, Laravel, Kanban, JUnit, Jscript, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Go, ETL, Django, DevOps, Data Mining, Continuous Integration, Blockchain, Ant Design, AngularJS