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YanportJune 2020 - Présent

• Develop new functionnalities of the application
• Work on designing user interfaces and mockups in Material Design
• Realize response design and adapt it for every devices
• Develop new API for the frontend
• Continuously improve the code to guarantee its robustness and maintainability
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FreelanceFebruary 2020 - Présent

• Worked on securing s3 bucket. After a S3 bucket has been changed from public to private, I worked on developing API to get, save and modify files on the private S3 bucket. 
Technical environment: Node.JS, Express, Android, AWS S3 
• Worked on a back-end PDF generator 
Technical environment: Node.JS, Express, Puppeteer
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Pixium DigitalSeptember 2019 - December 2019

• Worked on a video chat using WebRTC library: 
➢ Put the speaker on full screen 
➢ Screen sharing 
• Developed a typescript module to display data in table and graph, using amchart library. The module also contains pdf and excel exports and graph management. 
• Worked on bug fixing and new functionnalities for a banking advisor project. It includes a web application for the advisor, an ionic mobile application for the user (available on ios and android) and a Java API that uses Saltedge to communicate with banks’ API and Amazon SNS with Firebase to handle push notifications. 
• Integrated a 3D viewer that allows the user to visualize, manage and export a 3D model : 
➢ Modification of light 
➢ Functionnality to make cross-sections 
➢ Export of screen capture 
➢ Functionnality to compare multiple models 
Technical environment : Angular, Java, Typescript, Ionic, WebRTC, AWS, PHP, Yii, Karthik
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AmarisJanuary 2019 - September 2019

• Worked on bug fixing and production incidents. 
• Managed the communication between teams in Switzerland and the development team in Singapore. 
• Trained and mentored new team member to acquire the necessary skills to become autonomous on the project. 
Client: Azqore, wealth management. 
Technical environment : Angular, AngularJS, Java, Spring, Javascript, Typescript, Jenkins, Subversion, Git, HTML5, Jira 

•Realized a web application to manage user account: connection with mail and social media and update profile. 
Client: DFS, Duty Free Singapore 
Technical environment : Javascript, Gigya, Jenkins, Git, HTML5, SASS, Scrum, Jira
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SoatFebruary 2017 - November 2018

• Realized a web application to administrate data of the French plan to install very high speed internet everywhere in the country. It administrates technical and financial data. (using Angular 4-6, Typescript) 
• Realized an API with REST (using NodeJs) 
• Designed and integrated the user interface (using Photoshop, HTML5, SASS) 
• Modelling and designing the database (PostgreSQL) 
• System administration, managing CentOS 7 servers (develop, staging, production), managing VM with Proxmox and continous integration with GitLab-CI 
• Organized, animated and facilitated agile ceremonies and the kick-off of the project (story mapping, visual management, and team statistics) 
• Helped the relations between the client and the team 
• Writing articles on agile subjects 
Client : Agence du numérique, Ministry of Economy and finance. 
Technical environment : Angular 4-6, Node.JS, Express, Typescript, Javascript, PostgreSQL, HTML5, SASS, Karma, Git, CentOS, Gitlab CI, Scrum, Trello, Photoshop
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SogetiFebruary 2015 - December 2016

● Realized a web application to allow professionals to make bank transfers. 
Client: La Société Générale 
Technical environment : Java 7, BackboneJS, HTML5, SASS, Karma, Git, Scrum 
● Realized an Android application to help technicians perform interventions in data centers. This application is a combination between tablet and glasses. The technician can manage his intervention from the tablet and then perform the intervention with the help of the glasses. Client: Silca Hackaton, Crédit Agricole 
Technical environment : Android, connected glasses. 
● Integrated advertisement banners inside an existing application. 
Technical environment: Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3. 
● Realized a hybrid application, using the framework Cordova. This mobile application allows a user to locate his position inside a building. This project uses Bluetooth technology (beacons). 
Technical environment : Cordova, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Bluetooth beacons. 
● Realized a Cordova plugin using outdoor localization and augmented reality. It allows a user to find specific point of interest around him using augmented reality. 
Technical environment: Cordova, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, augmented reality. 
● Connected vehicles: recovered and processed frames on a server. 
Technical environment: C, MySQL, Serveur Linux, Machine to machine.
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CKABApril 2014 - August 2014

• Study of the Hall Effect in order to designed a prototype of distance sensor based on the Hall Effect. 
• Mechanical and electronic improvement of the Makerbot 3D-printer. 
• Wrote tutorials to help the community to better use their 3D-printers. 
Technical environment: Arduino.

Mes compétences

Yii, WebRTC, TypeScript, Trello, System administration, Scrum, Sass, REST, PostgreSQL, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, Linux, Karma, jQuery, Jira, Jenkins, JavaScript, JAVA 7, Java, Ionic, HTML5, Git, Express, CSS3, CentOS, Backbone.js, AWS, Arduino, AngularJS, Angular 6, Angular 5, Angular 4, Angular 2, Angular, Android, Amazon Web Services S3, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology, Adobe Photoshop