Youssef B.


472 dollar
5 ans
Courbevoie, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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AYMAXJuly 2018 - Présent

Design, development and maintenance (corrective, evolutive) of a multi- modular web application based on the micro services architecture and dedicated to service companies for the management of human resources.

* TimeSheet Management

* Expenses management

* Cooptation management

* Notification management

* Salary and bonus management

Performed tasks:

* Participate in the transformation of a heavy client application towards a solution based on the micro services architecture (backend)

* Analyze the customer's need by reading the specification documents
* Contribute with the team of architects in drafting the technical and functional specification document
~ ~ ~

* Implement the different functionalities in the different microservices

* Design, implement and prepare API documents for REST web services

* Study the impact of the different modifications on the database side by following, managing and applying the modifications on the MYSQL database
~ ~ ~

* Write delivery, installation, configuration and reporting documents

* Prepare models and realization of GUIs with Angular 7

* Realize the support and Bug Fixing: treatment of the incidents declared in the different environments
~ ~ ~

* Plan follow-up points with the project manager

* Write recipes and unit tests

Team Management:

* Assume responsibility of Tech lead to the team of developers

* Review the code and ensure its quality

* Manage meetings and sprints with the team

* Coach trainees and upgrade them

Technical environment:
Java / JEE, spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Netflix
Cloud (Eureka, Spring Cloud Config Server, Hystrix, Zuul, Ribbon), jUnit, Hibernate/JPA, Liquibase, Angular 7, HTML / CSS, Bootstrap, Eclipse(STS),
Visual Studio Code, Git, Source Tree, Bitbucket, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, JIRA, Putty, MySQL, Postman, Apache Tomcat, Sonar.

Methodology: Agile (Scrum)
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AYMAXFebruary 2018 - June 2018

Java EE/Angular Developer
Spring Boot, Angular 4, Java EE, Jira, BitBucket, Scrum

Index GroupAugust 2017 - August 2017

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MagazteeJuly 2017 - July 2017

Récap. : Version Android d'un site web déjà existant. REST est la technologie utilisée pour consommer les Web Service.
Mot clés : Slack, Android, Material Design, Git, Github, Ios, Android Studio, Xcode, REST, Retrofit, Worldpronos.
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MagazteeJuly 2016 - August 2016

Récap. : L'ajout d'une couche qui rend les notifications des buts, cartons et autres plus rapides.
Mot clés : NodeJs, WebSocket, SocketIO, HTML5, CSS3, PHP5.3, jQuery, Git
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MagazteeFebruary 2015 - May 2015

Récap. : Conception et Développement d'une application Mobile Android qui gère une boutique en ligne Magento.
Mot clés : Jira, Stach, Android, Material Design, SOAP, SCRUM, KSOAP2,
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Code itJune 2014 - August 2014

Récap. : Application de localisation qui donne des suggestions des évènements proches.
Mot clés : Eclipse, Android, Google Maps Api, Google Location Api

Mes compétences

Xcode, Web Services, Web Developer, Unit testing, Team management, Spring Data, Spring Boot, SourceTree, SOAP, REST, Postman, Node.js, MySQL, Material Design, Magento, Liquibase, Kubernetes, JUnit, jQuery, JPA, Jira, Jenkins, Java, iOS, HTML5, HTML, Hibernate, GitHub, Git, Eclipse IDE, Docker, Design, C/C++, C++, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, API, Apache Maven, AngularJS, Angular, Android Studio, Android, Agile Methodology