Mehdi B.

Full Stack Developer

555 dollar
9 ans
Villejuif, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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-January 2020 - April 2020

• Oral session at the international compumag 2013 conference, Budapest, Hungary.

• M. Benhamouche, L. Bernard, M. Serhir, L. Pichon, D. Lesselier, “Localization of metal targets by time reversal of electromagnetic waves”, European Physical Journal - Applied Physics, Vol. 64, Issue: 2, 1 November 2013, pp. 24512.

• M. Benhamouche, L. Bernard, L. Pichon, D. Lesselier, “Three-Dimensional Generalized Finite-Difference Modeling of Electromagnetic Time Reversal: Impact of the Density of Dipoles for the Localization of a Dielectric Obstacle in Free Space”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 48, Issue: 2, February 2012, pp. 359-362.

• M. Benhamouche, L. Bernard, M. Serhir, L. Pichon and D. Lesselier, "Wideband Electromagnetic Time Reversal With Finite Integration Technique: Localization in Heterogeneous Media and Experimental Validation," in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 137-140, Feb. 2014. 

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Monoprix-SarenzaSeptember 2019 - March 2020

Project: «GTA» and «RCU» for MONOPRIX 

• Maintenance of the nodejs based micro-services 
• Setting up of sequence and class diagrams, debug configuration in visual studio code. 
• Setting up of a boilerplate of MS conception by classes and mocha tdd/bdd testing 
• Scripting by node and shell of tools for port-forwarding, logs retrieval... 
• Setting up of a documentations in confluence.

Tools: Node JS, Graphql, React JS, Mongo DB, Pgqsl, GCP, Docker, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Jira. 

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ModisSeptember 2018 - July 2019

Project: «Socrate» for UBER 

• Architecture of the back-end (server side). 
• Setting up of a secured back-end and API for client and back-office applications. 
• Implementation of the drivers SSO authentication using UBER API’s. 
• Participation in front-end (client side) development. 
• Setting up of development, staging and production environments for the API. 
• Insurance of code quality, adaptability, coherence and maintainability of the application. 
• Technical force proposal, scrum master, project management. 
• Project complexity technical costs, technical and security audits. 

Tools: Node JS, React JS, ES6, Mongo DB, PM2, Nginx, Jenkins, SonarQube, Redmine.

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Netapsys ConseilJanuary 2017 - August 2018

Project: «Refonte Foot2000» for the French Federation of Football

• Participation to the setting up of the client-server socle.
• Creation of Angular services and modules and setting up of the connections to the WS of the backend.
• Creation of the front-office model and and setting up of new features according to the management rules.
• Participation to the creation of a shared Angular component library.
• Participation to Devops and Product Owner meetings.

Tools: Angular 5, Node JS, Python, Mongo DB, Jenkins, Docker.

Project: «CTSWeb» for the MVJS

• Setting up of new features and WS.
• Updating model, data-base migration.

Tools: Angular JS, JavaScript, Php Symfony 3.5, Doctrine.

Project: «Oscar» for the MVJS

• Approval request digitization.
• Setting up of new features and WS.
• Performance optimization by JavaScript
• Model and data-base updating.

Tools: .NET 4.5, ASPNET Webforms, ASPNET Web API, C#, JavaScript, Sql Server 2012

Project: «Datacert » for Bureau Veritas

• Maintenance of the intranet and extranet, setting up of new features.
• WS development and postman tests, setting up of a token based authentication.
• Development of update-database scripts.
• Management of user profile roles.

Tools: Javascript, Node JS, Angular JS, ElasticSearch, Mongo DB.

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AJC EngineeringJanuary 2016 - December 2016

Project: HMI development of a fly reservation application

• Collection of customer requirements, study of the specifications and creation of class diagrams (StartUML).
• Specification of the technical environment and the choice of the frameworks (Maven).
• Development of Business and DAO classes (MySQL, JDBC / JPA Hibernate, Spring MVC, SVN).
• Development of web interfaces with authentication (JSP servlet / JSF, HTML).
• Realization of unit and integration tests (JUnit).

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SupelecMarch 2013 - October 2015

• Finite elements modeling of an electric vehicle charging system by magnetic induction.
• Computing of domain-decomposition methods under FreeFem ++, C ++ and Salome.
• Simulation, post-processing and visualization of the results under Matlab
• Audit, writing reports, animation of meetings and presenting results.

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LGEPOctober 2009 - December 2012

• Implementation of the time reversal of acoustic and electromagnetic waves.
• Finite element, finite differences and finite integration technique modeling under Matlab, GMSH, Salome and NetGen.
• Parallel computation under Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox.
• Numerical and experimental validation of the model and calculation scripts.
• Implementation of an imaging criterion for the identification of buried objects.
• Writing reports, animation of meetings and presenting results.

Mes compétences


SQL Server 2012, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL

Software testing

Salome, Redmine

Industrial automation


Business Intelligence


Open Source solutions


Computer Tools

MS Office

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Subversion (svn), Junit, Agile Methodology, SciLab, Scrum, DevOps

IT Infrastructure

Nginx, Git, Linux, Windows


React.js, .NET 4.5, ElasticSearch, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET Web Forms, Express, JSP, JSF, TortoiseSVN


JPA, .NET, Express.js, JDBC, JSF (JavaServer Faces), Angular 5, Hibernate, JSP / Servlets, Angular, Spring MVC, Node.js, AngularJS


JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, Python, Matlab, LaTeX, Java EE, Java Core, GraphQL, JEE, Java, XML, C/C++


SourceTree, Leadership, GitKraken

Environment of Development

Maven, SVN

Mes études et formations

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Physical Sciences - Paris-Sud University (Paris XI)2009 - 2012

Master's degree, Mathematics and Computer Science - Paris Dauphine University2008 - 2009

Bachelor's degree, Mathematics and Computer Science - Paris Diderot University2005 - 2006