Jean-Baptiste A.


732 dollar
6 ans
Montpellier, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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Lido, FreelanceOctober 2019 - May 2020

• POC/MVP Development from scratch for a pre-seed project
• Development of a key module: dynamic DOM creation from drag and drop
• Full Stack development of the different features
• 100% remote (client based in New York)
• Technologies: React, TypeScript, Apollo, GraphQL, TypeORM, PostgreSQL
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Flint, FreelanceOctober 2019 - April 2020

• Complete redesign of the website
• 100% static JAMStack
• Fully administrable content
• PWA support
• Multi-lang
• Technologies: React, TypeScript, Gatsby, GraphQL, Netlify, Netlify-CMS
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ProgressOctober 2018 - October 2019

• Promoted to the NativeScript Developer Expert after successfully mentored an ambassador team of the program in summer 2018
• Kept contributing to the NativeScript community by answering questions on the forum, contributed in maintaining plugins, created new open-source plugins.
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Schlumberger, FreelanceFebruary 2019 - September 2019

• New features development
• Contribution to inner sourced libraries
• Technologies: Angular, TypeScript, Nx, Ngrx
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ProgressJuly 2018 - September 2018

• Mentored the NativeScript Angular team for the ambassador program of 2018.
• Organized weekly meetings with the team to guide them during the process of a mobile app development
• Organized one to one meetings for specific technical details and issues
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Matooma, FreelanceFebruary 2018 - September 2018

• Redesign from scratch of the client side of Matooma’s web application
• Development of new features such as collaboration tracking with the BI team
• Responsible for analysis, scope estimates, architectural and technological decisions
• Technologies: Angular, TypeScript, Angular Material
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ProgressSeptember 2017 - June 2018

After successfully being an Ambassador and full-filling my mission I was promoted to the Junior Developer Expert title.
I kept participating to the Open Source technology by raising issues, answering questions on the forum, and maintaining open-source plugins.
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WIS - Ecoles, FreelanceJanuary 2016 - March 2018

• Initiation to NativeScript with Angular and TypeScript
• Initiation to HTML/CSS and JavaScript
• Initiation to Angular with TypeScript
• Initiation to Node.js with Express
• Initiation to JavaScript and JQuery
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ProgressJune 2017 - September 2017

• Part of the NativeBaguette Team mentored by NativeScript Developer experts
• Development of a NativeScript plugin allowing to handle swap gesture within a layout
• Package published to npm
• Open Source
• Source code:
• Article published on the official NativeScript website:
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BeMooveedOctober 2015 - September 2017

Co-founded a startup specializing in collaborative tourism – a platform to share collaborative tourist services and knowledge via a web and mobile application.
In charge of overseeing and leading the company’s technological development.
BeMooveed was selected to be incubated by the Aler’Incub organization and exposed in the Sandra Mehl’s “Je m’engage” exposition, initiated by the Hérault county.

Technologies: Angular, NativeScript, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB
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Apptamin : promo videos and game trailers, ApprenticeshipOctober 2014 - September 2015

Developed an advertising video editing software for mobile applications, providing independent developers and small businesses an easy and cost-effective way to promote their applications.

Technologies: AngularJS, HTML, LESS, ffmpeg, NodeWebkit
Voir plus, InternshipFebruary 2014 - May 2014

Developed an internal platform to retrieve, add, modify, and delete advertising formatting information integrated into customer’s websites.

Technologies: AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MySQL Workbench.

Integration of the different ad formats developed by Teads (InRead, InPicture, etc..) into customer's websites using JS scripts.

Mes compétences

TypeScript, SQL, React.js, PostgreSQL, ORM, NoSQL, Node.js, Next.js, NativeScript, MySQL Workbench, MySQL, MongoDB, Less, jQuery, JavaScript, JAMstack, GraphQL, GitHub, Gatsby.js, FFMPEG, Express.js, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular Material, Angular