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Antibes, FRANCE

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smooss, FreelanceDecember 2019 - March 2020

Smooss is a start-up company helping airlines on their post-booking revenue optimization. Main goal is to smoothen load on high demand flights into surrounding alternatives flights.
I took part of the development team to handle problems and feature coming on the flow. Major achievements are following:
-Creation of paiement module using Stripe.
-Implementation of security on public pages
-Creation of Angular generic component helping new product creation.
-Implementation of metrics helping revenue accounting team to target proper high demand flights and alternatives.
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AstekAugust 2017 - December 2019

Air France/KLM cargo is providing a website for customers to schedule, book and follow shipments ( Inside this project, Track and Trace team is in charge of displaying informations and status to follow shipments in real time.

Team is following SCRUM methodology inside a 5 teams SAFE train.

As a software developer for Track and Trace team my role is to:

-Develop user stories and unit tests
-Refine user stories with functional experts
- achievements to others teams
-Provide technical expertise during meetings with customers.

Track and Trace team is in charge of two applications:

-CARGOWEB: Shared application with other teams allowing customers to manage their shipments. Tracking section is informing customers about current status of the shipment with required actions (documents needed for acceptation, latest acceptance time to deliver shipment...). Once shipment is accepted by AFKLM, customer is displayed about shipment state in the route map, updated delivery time, itinerary change and when needed temperature follow-up along journey.

-CGOTRACK: Application in charge of giving actual and past state of every shipment. This application listen to messages files (FSU, SOD) to determine actual status and place of the shipment. It then provides an API to external applications incuding CARGOWEB.
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Maureva LtdNovember 2015 - May 2017

Maureva, It provider for airlines, is implementation from scratch new platform to
purchase airline tickets giving customers maximum flexibility in searching and choosing options using IATA standard NDC (New Distribution Capability).

As front-end developer, I built two front end applications:
- A terminal for agencies to select flights, purchase ancillary services, options and display order summary.
- An administration console for airlines to manage application (prices, services, logs)
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Sword Connect - Google for Work Premier PartnerSeptember 2014 - October 2015

- Implementation of flexible searches on companies' private content using Google Search Appliance (GSA).
- Development of connectors in Java enabling GSA sever to index data with their permissions.
- Creation of front ends to incorporate search on companies websites.
- Support for JEE application (Irish Pattent Office).

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Stripe, Spring, React.js, React-Redux, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Angular