Ilyes D.


513 dollar
5 ans

Mon expérience

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Crédit Mutuel - Euro InformationSeptember 2017 - Présent

• Development of fat-client applications (C#) and web sites in ASP.NET allowing to view company reports and also access and manipulate diverse customers data listed on the different Oracle databases. 
• Managed a project whose goal was to create an automated (C#) system for handling large volume invoices in accordance with European standards. 
• Conceived Web Services(C#) in order to interact with the Oracle databases 
• Created and deployed SQL Packages including various Bank-related functions : Risk-Calculating, Overdraft fees etc. 
• Designed new indexes and improved old ones, manipulated the Execution plan which resulted in improved database performances. 
• Deployement of ASP.NET Apps & WebServices on the production servers through IIS Manager.
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University ProjectJanuary 2020 - March 2020

• Developped a web application for Twitter accounts to show the popularity and the engagement of their audiences 
• Sentiment analysis to determine if the account has a good or bad Online Reputation 
• Technologies: Python & Twitter API to get and treat the Data. Keras for tweet predictions. Elastic search to handle the data & Kibana to display the results through various graphs on a WebApp
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Curium Pharma - ManpowerJuly 2017 - August 2017

• Upgraded Microsoft Access databases from the 2002 version to 2007. Added automated displays of company reports 
• Created various SQL Functions : Total Profit(Geographicly), Financial losses(Geographicly),etc. 
• Made sure that all data from the previous databases were carried over safely,correctly and not corrupted.
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RATP GroupApril 2017 - June 2017

• In charge of upgrading the MySQL database as well as the PHP Web-intranet application, ensuring compatibility of current data. 
• Worked in a team following the agile process with daily meetings and reports. 
• Developed a new Web-interface(PHP) enabling RATP agents to configure dynamic screens located in various buildings. 
• Created of a Web-Portal for administrators in charge of rights management.

Mes compétences

Web Services, Visual Studio, Twitter API, Twitter, TortoiseSVN, SQL, Spark, Spanish, Scala, R Language, Python, Project Management, PL/SQL, PHP, Oracle, NoSQL, NetBeans, MySQL, MS Access, MongoDB, Kibana, Keras, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, IIS, Hadoop, GitHub, ElasticSearch, Docker, DevOps, C#, Big Data, ASP.NET, .NET Core