Raphael A.


879 dollar
19 ans
Strasbourg, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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CorteksJanuary 2014 - Présent

▪ Analysis and development of an application to process and transfer medical images using Electronjs and React . (12 months) 
▪ Analysis and development of a communication network to transfer medical data. The frontend is in React , the backend in NestJS and the whole stack is a micro services in Docker. (24 months) 
▪ Development of an automated test suites based on Selenium which creates Docker images and compares screenshots. (1 month) 
▪ Investigation and improvement of performance issues on production sites running MySQL 5.6 . (3 months) 
▪ Analysis and development of a welcome terminal with communication api in HL7 , DICOM and HPRIM . (18 months) 
▪ Development of a DICOM visualization tool in C# able to communicate with a medical imaging server (PACS) . (3 months) 
▪ Deployment of a MongoDB database and development of all the api in PHP for the existant software in a Docker environment. (4 months) 
▪ Development of a market simulation for training purposes in Flash . (2 months)
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e-MediaOctober 2010 - January 2014

▪ Management of MySQL 5.3 databases in production (around 200 sites). configuration modification, advanced stored procedures development, data restructuring. Those tasks have enabled a performance increase of more than 400%. 
▪ MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3 migration. 
▪ Refactoring of all the codebase to mulitple services in Docker environment.
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DecidemedicalMarch 2009 - August 2010

▪ Analysis, design and conception of medical imaging tools in Java . Drafting of specifications, technical and functional documents. Imaging software to send anonymized DICOM over internet. Use of DCMTK , DCM4CHE and ImageJ libraries. 
▪ Development of a PHP platform with Symfony.
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Armée de l'airMarch 2003 - March 2009

Development of an HR management software over the web in  J2EE . Use of  Struts and  Hibernate  with a  PostgreSQL  database.

Mes compétences

UML, TypeScript, Symfony, Struts, Selenium, React.js, Raspberry Pi, PostgreSQL, PHP, OOP, Node.js, Nginx, MySQL 5.6, MySQL, MongoDB, MERISE, MariaDB, Linux, Knex.js, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, HL7, Hibernate, GitLab, Git, Flash, Electron.js, Docker, Database and SQL tuning, C/C++, C#, Assembler