Ramzi W.


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6 ans
Noisy-le-Grand, FRANCE

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SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALEOctober 2018 - September 2020


* Context :

* Digitalization of the Legal process.

* Achievements/Tasks

* Project management in Agile Scrum.

* Developed components and communication in Java 8, spring (Boot, JDBC, RestApi, and Security), Hibernates and Apache Kafka.

* Developed the unit, integration and non-regression tests, done with Junit5, WireMock and Cucumber.

* Develop a Git Flow, TDD and BDD Strategy to avoid conflicts and delivery delays.

* Create a CI/CD Process for the continue Integration and deployment.

* Installation and configuration of OPS (Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Google Cloud Platform).

* Technical documentation of the Project with Java DOC and in SG's Jive space.

* Java 8 , Spring (Boot ,Rest ,Data , Jdbc, Security ,AOP, batch), hibernate, JPA,JUnit 5, WireMock , Cucumber , Mockito, Git, Sonar, Jenkins , Docker ,Kubernetes, ELK ,Apache Kafka,GCP.
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BPIFebruary 2017 - July 2018


* Context :

* Integration of IMX software within the Bank's DSI.

* Achievements/Tasks

* Develop Endpoints to consume and manage MQ messages received from the Sonic ESB communication platform in Java 8, Spring RabbitMQ and Hibernate.

* Project management in Agile Scrum.

* Unit tests of each service layer with JUnit4 and Mockito.

* Develop the quality of code based on Sonar, Jacoco or IDE (Eclipse).

* Developing an Angular 6 screen allow you to log and classify Logs.

* The cycle management of CI/CD's with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes.

* Java 8, Angular 6,Spring (Boot 2 ,Rest ,Data , Security , batch),Hibernate, Jpa ,JUnit 4, Mockito, Karma, Jasmine, Git, Sonar, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Kubernetes , RabbitMq , Swagger, IMX.
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ORACLEJanuary 2014 - December 2016


* Context :

* Development of a CRM application for logistics management.

* Achievements/Tasks

* Design of a solution adapted to technical and business needs with Agile and UML2.

* Develop modules (purchasing, sales, stock and delivery) in Java 6 Spring MVC, Hibernate and JPA.

* Development of screens with thymleaf, JavaScript and Html.

* Unit testing and debugging of each module in Junit and Mockito.

* Deployment and release of deliverables on WebLogic and Tomcat.

* Data migration in Pl SQL and spring batch.

* Java 6 , Thymleaf , Spring Web Service Rest/SOAP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, JavaScript, Html5, Mockito, JUnit, PL

Mes compétences

WireMock, Visual SVN, Unit testing, TypeScript, SQL, Spring Boot, Sonar, SOAP, Regression testing, RabbitMQ, Project Management, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle CRM, Oracle Applications, Oracle, MySQL, MVC, Mockito, Microsoft Office Pack, Microservices, Kubernetes, Karma, JUnit, JPA, Jira, Jenkins, JDBC, JavaScript, JAVA 8, JAVA 10, Java, Jasmine, HTML5, HTML, Google Cloud Platform, Git, ELK, Docker, DevOps, Debugging, Data Migration, Cucumber, Bootstrap, Apache Maven, Apache Kafka, AngularJS, Angular, Amazon Web Services, Agile Scrum, Agile Methodology