Bismark Atta F.


586 dollar
13 ans
Vitry-sur-Seine, FRANCE

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Yellow Relay SASJanuary 2019 - Présent

* Administered Relay Duty (shipment estimation app) using Ruby-on-Rails with PostgreSQL as the database which assisted to estimate cost in 5 less than 3 days minimum.

* Deployed the app for User Acceptance Testing employing OVH-VPS to set up Linux Debian 9 Stretch, plus configuring NGINX (Reverse Proxy) and Lets Encrypt SSL which reduced hosting cost.

* Organized codes using Git and GitHub to ensure 100% source code quality and ownership.

* Ensured successful completion of tasks assigned within 3 days instead of 5.

* Executed the project as a single or 1 developer, which saved money for hiring 2 or 3 developers.
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Wamfie - GHJanuary 2015 - January 2017

* Engineered in-house software for the collection customer deposit which was to cost $3500 each quarter.

* Directed system auditing of the various IT systems and infrastructure in place to identify loopholes and report anomalies to the internal auditor for necessary actions.

* Built incident management using Ruby on Rails & MySQL to collaborate all issues across 4 branches which reduced resolution time from 5 to 1-2 days maximum.

* Advised management and board of directors on introducing IT into the operations of the bank which brought about more than 50% increase in customer patronage and profit.
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Sunyani - GHJanuary 2009 - January 2017

* Controlled overall departmental activities for the implementation of LANs across 5 agencies to computerize manual operations to improve customer service.

* Headed a team of external software developers to plan and install Tally-9 Gold software to automate withdrawals and deposits.

* As secretary to the Procurement Committee helped in selecting bidders competitively which yielded the bank, 1000s of money that could have been lost through procurement.

* Recommended for the installation of CCTV in all 5 branches to enhance security.
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Accra - GHJanuary 2008 - January 2017

* Development of POS app for shops (web app version of FortressPOS) using Ruby on Rails API as backend and ReactJS as frontend - on going.

* Founded Fortress Technologies, the first IT business within the community and generated $2800 in the 1st month of operation.

* Implemented FortressPOS desktop application in VB.NET and MS-SQL Server for managing mini- shops which lessoned client turn out times from 10 to 4 minutes.

* Created a web-app for Kintampo Municipal Assembly with ASP.NET (MVC), C#, and MSSQL, hosted on Microsoft Azure helped improved task collection growth by 75%.

* Constructed websites for businesses (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to promote their brands online which raised their revenues by 25-32%.

Mes compétences

WordPress, WinForms, Windows Server, VB.NET, User Acceptance Testing, Ubuntu, Team management, Sublime Text, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React.js, PostgreSQL, Nginx, MySQL, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Jscript, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, GitHub, Git, Eclipse IDE, CSS3, CentOS, CCTV, C#, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, Apache Maven, Android Studio, Agile Methodology