Marulasiddaiah M.


118 dollar
5 ans
Mysore, INDIA

Mon expérience

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Würth Electronik India Pvt Ltd.April 2017 - Présent

* Experience in developing web application using Django Web Framework and Python Programming language.

* Worked on Python Software and Python modules and able to debug code and run programs in PyCharm and Intelij IDE.

* Full Stack developer on technologies like HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap libraries and JavaScript. Backend development with ORM and Database connection with PostgreSQL.

* Work experience in developing Single Page Application (SPA) using Flask API, HTML and Bootstrap/CSS.

* Work experience in databases like RDBMS using PostgreSQL.

* Executing the design, development, troubleshooting and debugging of the software.

* Worked with German team on UI development and localisation of E-Learning website in Wüerth

Mes compétences

UI Development, Troubleshooting, Software Design, Python 3.5, PyCharm, PostgreSQL, NumPy, JavaScript, IntelliJ Idea, HTML5, HTML, Git, Flask, Django, Debugging, CSS, Bootstrap, API, AngularJS