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Netclues TechnologyJanuary 2010 - Présent

Duties and Responsibilities

* Led critical and complex projects that involved highly custom PHP implementation for scale

* match standards, and integrate it with other technologies.
Collaborates with app development team which includes Product Manager, Program Manager, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance, and Market Researcher in identifying software problems, testing methods, and best solutions.

* Actively participates and engages the Software Support team in resolving production issues.

* Improves and designs monitoring systems in order to address issues with systems stability and quality of data.

* Conceptualizes and designs testing protocols for the purpose of locating issues within the system.

* Works closely with website management/ development teams when coming up with integration tests and writing code for new features.

* Studied, evaluated, and proposed solutions to complex architectural challenges for the purpose of introducing new features.

* Integrated app-based solutions with databases, file systems, and cloud-based systems. Communicate regularly and fluidly with all project members. Provide accurate, complete, and

* consistent updates on project road maps
Makes recommendations towards the development of new code or to reuse of existing code.

* Good communication skills and ability to quickly learn new technologies. Knowledgeable about mobile responsive design.

* Great ability to work with a team.
Excellent problem-solving skills.

* Excellent communication skills.

* Usage of AWS cloud environments to deploy applications.

Mes compétences

Quality Assurance, WordPress, WooCommerce, User Acceptance Testing, UNIX, SQL, Project Management, Prestashop, PreactJS, PostgreSQL, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Magento, Linux, Laravel, jQuery UI, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, Integration testing, HTML5, Git, Database Design, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, AngularJS, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AJAX