Dhruvinkumar P.


392 dollar
5 ans
Rajkot, INDIA

Mon expérience

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UnibeesSeptember 2017 - October 2019

* Designed and developed prototype dashboards by closely working with the co-founders which secured the next round of funding.

* Responsible for relaunching the app with modern UX/UI and improved features which immediately amplified the performance by 30% and handled 250K+ monthly requests.

* Engineered various popular features like Portfolio, Gig, Survey, Forum, Deal, Wallet, Reward, Referral system which significantly boosted the user engagement and growth.

* Established AWS infrastructure for automatic notification and email system with 100K+ monthly activities.

* Implemented a monitoring system using Elasticsearch, Kibana and Slack which successfully assisted us to track and stop malicious/hacking attempts to servers.

* Created an in-house user analytics system that aided us in tracking the fake users and transactions.
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PrecticeSeptember 2015 - July 2017

* Designed, developed and deployed an end-to-end web application for doctors and patients to manage their medical records. Incorporated customer's feedback to achieve product-market fit.

* Executed administrative duties like server, database and firewalls management, as well as introduced features like automatic databases backup, report generation, text messaging, inventory management, etc.
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Kalpavriksha Software CompanyMay 2015 - May 2017

Kalpavriksha Software Company, Ahmedabad, Gujar
* Built and enhanced dashboards and admin panels for business clients which improved their online operations and digital presence.

* Developed static websites for clients that expanded their online presence and customer reach.

* Created a build system using Gulp.js for automatic concatenation, minification, auto-prefixing, uglifying, etc. of JavaScript and CSS scripts which reduced deployment as well as delivery time and performance by 40%.
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Electromech Co.December 2014 - April 2015

* Developed a wireless printing system for old printers which reduced the company expenses by 300%.

Mes compétences

SQL, Sass, Redis, Node.js, MongoDB, Material Design, Laravel, Kibana, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Big Data, AngularJS, Android, Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS)