Luca C.

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Cabel industry s.p.aFebruary 2012 - Présent

• Main tasks and responsibilities
1) Creation of multi-platform web services for bill payment.
Sever: Apache tomcat with cxf for soap envelope signature
Client: jax-ws (ibm runtime) Build: with apache ant integrated with ivy. Repository svn.
Ide: Eclipse Kepler integrated with liberty profile.
2) Web services creation for home banking application on mobile
application server: webspheare 8.5
jdk 1.7, Database db2, framwork backend mybatis (both with xml and annotation),
front-end calls json in post.
Build: with apache ant integrated with ivy. Repository svn.
Ide: Eclipse Kepler integrated with liberty profile.
3) Web service to communicate with POSTE ITALIANE to pay for postal bills.
 Application server: Apache Tomcat, jdk 1.7 Using javax.xml to sign the envelope Soap,
jdk tool for file generation. Jks Build: with apache ant integrated with ivy. Repository svn.
4) Web service for payment bulletin for Cassino University
Application server: Apache Tomcat JDK 1.7
Back-End: calls to internal stored via jdbc
Front-End; webService using cxf
 5) Development of MITO6 Home banking (Multichannel Online Online Trading)
 Ide: Juno Eclipse Application server: Apache tomcat 1.7 Jdk 1.7
 Front-end: Icefaces 3.1, javascript, jquery, css, html, jqplot integrated in iceFaces.
 Backend: jdbc and mybatis (xml generator) Db: db2 iseries for AS400
Build: with apache ant integrated with ivy. Repository svn
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Sviluppatore SoftwareFebruary 2010 - February 2016

Main duties and responsibilities
4) PSV: publitalia final customer (mediaset).
 Exel Migration 2005 → execl 2007
Technologies used: Language: jdk 1.6 j2se. IDE: Eclipse indigo Web service: axis2 Database: Oracle.
5) PICAS: Final Customer Employment Office for Romania.
Technologies used: Language: jdk 1.6 with library j2se.
IDE: Eclipse indigo Web service: axis Framwork: hibernate, fast, ice-faces, spring Language: jdk 1.6 j2ee.
Application server: liferay-portal-6.0.5 (front-end) jboss-4.2.3.GA (back-end)
6) Regulatory portal. Final customer UBI-BANCA Technologies used: J2EE JDK 1.5
Programming languages: java, javascript, html, css Front-end framwork: ice-faces
 IDE: Eclipse with SVN as repository Application server: Bea weblogic 10 Oracle Database.
The work done was mainly on the front end of the application, particular use of ice-faces and css.
 7) Credit Portal: UBI-BANCA end customer
 Technologies used: J2EE JDK 1.4
 Programming languages: back-end java Framwork: carbon IDE: RAD, WID Repository: SVN, VSS
 Application Server: WebSphere portal Server 6.0, WebSphere application Server 6.0 Database DB2
 Client for db: Aqua data studio, DbVisualizer Builder: Ant Apache
8) Example Portal. End customer Insurance online. Technologies used: .net
Programming language Database: MySql server Development interface: .net
The work was mainly carried out on the creation of batches and
therefore in particular sql programming on DB using Visulal Basic.

Mes compétences


XHTML, BASIC, C++, Assembler, Java, PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Oracle PL/SQL


Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, IBM AS400 Hardware, Visual Basic for Applications, Apache Subversion, Rapid Application Development RAD, English, WebSphere MQ Portal, Analista informatico, Java 2, WebLogic Enterprise Application Server, Italian, SAP SAP NetWeaver, SAP NetWeaver PI, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Back End, Front End, Application Servers, Aqua Data Studio ER Modeler, Struts Web Application Framework, Java Server Pages, SAP EP, C Programming Language, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Access


Oracle, MySQL, DB2, DBVisualizer


Builder, SAP R/3, Consulting



Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel

Business Intelligence


IT Infrastructure

Windows Server


Web Services, myBatis, IceFaces, Jboss

Environment of Development

JDK, Eclipse IDE, VSS, NetBeans


Hibernate, jQuery, JDBC

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree - Computer Science - Faculty of Computer Engineering2007 - 2008