Manuel G.


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16 ans
Guadalajara, MEXICO

Mon expérience

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OmniEx LCCJune 2017 - Présent

- Working and supporting several tens of websites, kiosks and API projects for the tourism industry in USA, using multiple technologies like: ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Sql Server, AngularJs, CSS3, SASS, LESS, multiple API integration with Booking, Salesforce, OpenTable, Revel, Social Media Providers, etc.
- Some of the projects: Visit Vallejo, Visit Orlando Kiosk, Baltimore, Berkeley, Columbia SC, Visit San Francisco, Yosemite and many other similar projects for tourism Cities in USA.
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Tiempo DevelopmentNovember 2014 - Présent

Summary of Performed Projects in Tiempo Development:
● VIXXO, client based on Scottsdale, AZ. Working as Technical Lead
● Industry: Asset Management and maintenance solutions
Backend: Legacy Webform Application to be rewired to use a new service layer, while deprecating Oracle Siebel CRM data source and integration.
● Media Pro Learning Services, client based on Bothell, Washington. Working as Senior Developer
● Industry: Learning Services Security, Privacy and Compliance
Backend: Worked in Micro-services using Web API 2.0 with Keycloak integration for security, .NET 4.6.1, RabbitMQ, SQL Server for database; Unit testing and automation testing with Protractor and Selenium.
Frontend: UI Portal that created with Angular2 and built and deployed with web pack and nodeJS

● Armor Cloud Security Solutions, client based on Richardson, Texas. Working as Senior Developer and Technical Lead.
● Industry: Cloud Security
Worked in Backend Services for Billing and product management project that integrated Salesforce, Apttus and Zuora platforms with a custom Web API used for other applications and process in the company; using WebApi 2.0 with OAuth 2.0, .NET 4.5.1, Rabbit MQ, TopShelf for running headless API as a Windows service; Sql Server for database (stored procedures, functions, triggers, DB project with seed scripts, etc.); high coverage with Unit tests using NUnit and Moq; and Integration tests for end-to-end testing; functional tests with Selenium C# for UI Frontend Portal that was mainly created with angularJs and built and deployed with gulp and nodeJS
● ThisRoof, client based Irving, California. Working as Senior developer and Technical Lead.
● Industry: Real estate
Led and developed a Xamarin project for iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin Studio. MVVM, façade pattern, SQL lite, Google Maps API, Geolocation, and Xamarin.Forms; REST and SOAP third party web services consumption.
● Microchip, client based in Chandler Arizona. Working as a Senior developer.
● Industry: Microcontrollers, memory and semiconductors fabricant
Different project implementations, such as:
 Prototype application for implementing Social Login providers such as: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc., in an ASP.NET MVC 5 project their shopping portal
 Frontend implementation of a custom data grid table using reactjs, nodejs, npm, webpack with ASP.NET MVC project and Visual Studio 2013
 Migrate COM+ Components to more convenient transactional implementation using WCF.
● Convercent Client based in Denver, Colorado. Working as Senior Developer.
● Industry: Governability, Risk and Compliance Management: Developed an international and multilingual project using .NET stack (front-end/back-end/DB); MVC 5, .net 4.5, SQL server 2012 with data mart process, TFS 2010, Visual Studio 2013, Custom ORM (Built in-house), linq, WCF, Web API; jQuery, JavaScript, ajax, knockout; CSS and bootstrap framework; Test Driven Development (TDD) with moq and nunit.
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Scio Consulting InternationalSeptember 2011 - September 2014

● CPH and Associates, client based in Chicago, Illinois. Worked as Senior developer. Industry: Insurances
● Grand Pacific resorts, client based in San Diego, California. Worked as Senior develop., Industry: Hospitality and vacation ownership.
● Bright Horizons Child Care, client based in Watertown, MA., Worked as Mid-Senior Developer. Industry: child care
● Martell TV, client based in Austin, Texas; Worked as Senior developer and technical lead. Industry: TV Station online based in YouTube
● Feedwo, client based in Mexico, Worked as Senior Developer, Industry: Human Resources and recruitment
● SimpleSend, client based in Los Angeles, California. Worked as Senior Developer. Industry: Email marketing.
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Desarrolladora del ParqueSeptember 2009 - September 2011

Summary of Performed Activities in “Desarrolladora del Parque”:
● Responsible for developing a custom ERP web-based system for Luxury Real Estate management using: Visual Studio 2008 and 2010; with and C#; Web Services with WCF; Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2008, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Transact-SQL among others tools and frameworks.
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IA InteractiveAugust 2006 - September 2009

Summary of Performed Activities on IA Interactive:
● Worked on different web projects using .NET stack of technologies with C# and, like frontend and backend intranet system.
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Centre de Recherche en Architecture et Ingénierie Nancy,May 2006 - July 2006

Summary of Performed Activities on CRAI:
● Responsible for developing a CMS system for the laboratory web site using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, running on Apache server
● I took part in development of “BatGroup” Project Groupware dedicated to cooperation in an architectural design project (Ph. D responsible and owner: Mr. Gilles Halin), using J2EE technology with STRUTS, MVC pattern and MySQL database.

Mes compétences

xUnit, Xamarin, WCF, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, TFS, Test Driven Development (TDD), Team management, SVN, SQL, SOLID, SOA, Selenium, SDLC, Scrum, Sass, SAS, React.js, Razor, RabbitMQ, Protractor, PowerShell, Oracle, OOP, NUnit, NPM, NHibernate, MySQL, MVVM, MVC, Moq, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, LINQ, Kanban, jQuery, Jenkins, JavaScript, Jasmine, HTML, HangFire, Gulp, Git, Entity Framework, Design Patterns, DDD, Dapper, CSS, Communication, Castle Windsor, C#, Bower, Bootstrap, Bamboo, AWS, Autofac, Atlassian Suite, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, ASMX Web Services, AngularJS, AJAX, Agile, ADO.NET, .NET