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Mexico City, MEXICO

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Sonata ServicesNovember 2017 - Présent

- Ownering a platform built in React and Java (zero frameworks in its back end), this not only involves development but also bugs and issues resolution.
- Development and Maintenance of backend platforms based in pure Java and GoLang.
- Development and Maintenance of frontend platforms based in React JS.
- Team meetings.
- Architectures proposals which are discussed with team members.
- Development of approaches and workarounds.
- Queries on Cassandra platform.
- Scripts development in Linux Bash.
- Reporting, Maintenance and Correction for Bugs and issues.
- Search and replication of bugs and issues reported.
- Deploying releases and test versions in different environments (boxes) / AWS instances.
- All descriptions above are performed in Linux OS.
- Jenkins job support.
- Cassandra querying.
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Softtek MéxicoApril 2016 - November 2017

- Attendance of SCRUM Planning meetings, SCRUM Grooming meetings, SCRUM Daily Standup and Tasking out meetings.
- Collaboration with SCRUM teams.
- Development of APIs defintitions using RAML.
- Development of APIs business inner logic using Java, Spring Framework and a proprietary client framework.
- Research and tracking of errors using tools such Splunk in order to improve the applications logic and its exceptions handling.
- Updating of projects dependencies using Maven.
- Basic knowledge on Netflix OSS stack and Spring Cloud.
- Development of frontend components using ReactJS and other NodeJS libraries such npm and webpack.
- Developing of test scenarios for React components using Jest and Enzyme libraries.
- Development of architectures proposals for APIs.
- Development of prototypes and approaches used as reference/proposal for Back-End implementations.
- Developing and updating documentation required to standardize and describe architectures, implementations and proposals which are uploaded to Confluence platform.
- Development of unit testing using JUnit, PowerMock and Mockito.
- Use of TDD in order to have a better Code Coverage.
- Development of cucumber scenarios/features for integration testing.
- Development of UI Wireframes.
- Tickets generation using JIRA.
- Basing the development work with the CI/CD pipeline.
- Configuration and monitoring Jenkins Jobs for continuous integration.
- Collaboration with the team developers using, among other tools, Git and the GitHub platform.
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Internet MovilMarch 2012 - April 2016

- Analysis, design, implementation and development of a web application that manages the reservations generated on the daily operation of a Transportation Agency, scheduling them for the next day and maintains a global Log for all the operation days, handling its incidences and their statuses. Besides were integrated the American Express e-commerce API and a bank entity in order to perform charges trough Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Also implements the RESTful architecture that handles requests coming from the UI side. Technologies used: Spring framework, JEE APIs, Hibernate, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AngularJs, Bootstrap, Maven.
- Analysis, design, implementation and develop from scratch a new version of a platform that monitors and tracks the professional internships linking the students with their tutors and companies where they realize such internship, also an administrator user role manages that interaction. Were implemented the RESTful architecture that handles requests coming from the UI side. Such requests are intercepted by an AngularJS implementation which injects on the HTTP requests headers a Token that contains the encoded user authentication. Technologies used: Spring, JEE APIs, Hibernate, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Maven.
- User requirements & process mapping for the design oriented to development of scalable platforms
- Follow up to software products development process life cycle.
- Use of the RUP methodology for the software development life cycle process proposed as a solution to user requirements.
- Use of UML diagrams (Sequence and Use Case) for design, analysis and elaboration phases.
- Implementation of MVC in backend as well as frontend.
- Monitoring and implementation both in production and testing environments
- Develop, maintenance, support and optimization
- Versioning control using GIT

- Updating and research of both backend and frontend technologies as well as newest developing tendencies on the current market

- Analysis, design, implementation, development and update of modules of a web application that monitors and tracks the professional internships linking the students with their tutors and companies where they realize such internship, also an administrator user role manages that interaction. Technologies used: Java 1.6, JSP, JDBC API that connects to an Oracle Database Schema (9i version).
- Develop and maintenance of procedures, functions and Jobs in Oracle Database Schemas (9i version) using language PL/SQL.
- Analysis, design, implementation and develop of a web application that manages documentation and notices that periodically are being sent through email to the Brand franchises, the application have several user roles also credentials of each user are changed monthly. Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, for data persistence layer were implemented an Oracle Database Schema (versión 9i) in such were developed procedures, functions and jobs that the application required.
- Analysis, design, implementation and develop of a web application that manages the customers of the fran-chises of a pawnshop brand over the country. Technologies used: PHP using YII framework, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
- Developed a web chat application. Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS.
- Update and maintenance of a web application that manages chemical analysis. Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
- Implementations of OpenCart that is an e-commerce platform which was adapted and customized accord-ing to the customers business alignements also were integrated to them the PayPal API.
- Web Services integrations to web applications.
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Exotic TravelersFebruary 2011 - March 2012

-Design, implementation and development of web applications using backend technologies such as C#.NET and PHP, and frontend technologies such as JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS.
- Support and following up to the Agency’s systems.
- Support and hardware configuration.
- Users support.
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Reind, Coporate OfficesJanuary 2011 - February 2011

- Development, implementation, following up and updates to existing modules of a desktop application that manages the daily operation of a chemical company.
- SQL queries optimizations and MySQL Stored Procedures optimizations.
- Use of Object Pascal language for the modules development.
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Tecnologías Corporativas S.A de C.V.July 2010 - November 2010

- Development and implementation of modules for a web application that shows statistics in the form of graphs of crime types and their frequencies, these data were provided by INEGI and by the Observatory of Social and Gender Violence in the city of Cancun.
Integration of the amCharts library to graph statistics compiled in the module interfaces.
- Implementation of Front functionalities using the JQuery library.
- Use of the CFML programming language for ColdFusion development platforms in the Back.
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Funkshuei StudiosFebruary 2010 - November 2010

-Updating websites functionalities (Front End & Back End).
-Using Joomla CMS (Content Management System).
-Giving courses of basic HTML and basic CSS.

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