Mauricio P.

Full Stack Developer

280 dollar
4 ans

Mon expérience

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BLACKTRUST S.A.P.I DE C.VJanuary 2017 - January 2018

* Development of the Psychometric Evaluation project for the MABE company, developing the Presentation layer by 80%,
the Business layer 100% and the Data layer 100%.
In addition, I was in charge of the production surveys, configuring the IIS server.
 * Participate in the Web application of the Recruitment system for the UBER company,
developing important modules in the development layers.
* Training for Junior programmers who entered as seeds in our internal growth process.
* Participate in the creation of psychometric measuring instruments for other companies and for the internal process.
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TETMY SERVICIOS S.A DE C.VJanuary 2016 - January 2018

* Development of responsive Web applications, allowing usability between different devices.
* Optimization of internal processes at the system level.
* Creation of applications between different Programming Languages,
allowing interoperability between the devices that operate in TETMY Services.
 * System migration in DELPHI to PHP and .NET (Interoperability).
* Creation of Windows Services. * Hosting Administration.
 * Creation and Administration of applications made with WordPress.
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ADEA S.A DE C.VJanuary 2016 - January 2017

* In charge of Web applications, we migrated from the Web Forms model to the MVC model
allowing the improvement in transactions for the application.
* Hermes project development which allows the communication between Web Applications and Desktop Applications,
the communication is through SERIAL-R that allows the creation of Sockets.
* Responsible for the administration of the IIS and server optimization for certain projects.
* Design creation for the presentation layer.
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ATSEM S.A DE C.VJanuary 2015 - January 2016

* Participate in the creation of business logic as in the creation of instruments for the ITER-APP application.
The application has a role of public transport.
* I was part of the Equipment for the Natural Gas Vehicle Station, coordinating the Colombian workers in the connection
of the supply pumps with the internal system.
* Development of Web application for the control of Inputs and Outputs in the branches.
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WEECOMPANY S.A DE C.VJanuary 2014 - January 2015

* Development of application for electronic invoicing.
* In charge of the ISSEMYM project, which allows to manage the entire internal flow and is the first hospital in the country to not use paper.
* Development of the Online Dental Health System.
* I am a person who likes to know the landscape before starting a project,
doing a SWOT analysis of what you have is the best strategy for the development of the application.
Schematize all possible paths and strengths of the application allows you to take any project with you.
* Any problem can be solved, everything has a solution path,
you just have to learn to see it and trust your development team.
It may seem impossible at first but as you go forward things become clear.

Mes compétences


Microsoft .NET Technology, System Migration, Full-Stack developer, Cascading Style Sheets


Zend Framework, Symfony, Bootstrap, Django, .NET, WordPress, jQuery

IT Infrastructure



Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB


Android, Xamarin


C#, ASP.NET, Python, Delphi, Ruby, LINQ, Ruby on Rails


Composer, Web Services, WinForms

Mes études et formations

Systems Engineering - Technological Superior Studies of Valle de Bravo2010 - 2015