Frank R.


472 dollar
11 ans
Veracruz, MEXICO

Mon expérience

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CYMISURFebruary 2016 - Présent

Creation and development of a website for the promotion of the company, as well as a web application for the organization of the personal data of the company, all this using PHP based on Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS, Ajax, MySQL.
Using FTP for file transfer in hosting defined by the company.

QuaxarMay 2018 - Présent

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H. Ayuntamiento de Jaltipan, Ver. (Administración 2014-2017)February 2017 - December 2017

Development of the SIGA (Advanced Management Information System) web application for credit control in fuel purchase, fuel voucher administration (magna and diesel fuel), medical pass control for employees (unionized and trusted) of the H City Hall, control of inventory of medicines, control of supplies and cleaning items, stationery and spare parts for vehicle repair and official machinery of the H. City Hall, using technologies such as XAMPP, CodeIgniter, PHP, CSS, HTML, PHPMyAdmin, Corel Draw, Blasamiq Mockup, MVC Pattern, JQuery, Ajax, JS, DataTable Plugin.

Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance to all the computational and multifunctional equipment of the offices and dependencies of the H. City Hall, as well as the maintenance to the wired and wireless network of the same.
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JL RoquetJune 2017 - August 2017

Development of web application UPS (Inventory Management System) for inventory control of the products produced by the company (snacks), control of sales on the floor and route, control of payments and collections, as well as the administration of its customers and suppliers.
Technologies used: CodeIgniter, PHP, MVC Pattern, HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, XAMPP, PHPMyAdmin, Balsamiq Mockup, Corel Draw, DataTable Plugin.
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Alfa y OmegaAugust 2014 - January 2016

Administrative assistant having activities such as billing, personnel management, cash management, inventory control, control of income and discharge statistics, as well as maintenance of computer equipment and website development through PHP based on Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS, Ajax, MySQL.
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IntekelJanuary 2014 - August 2014

PHP programmer with CodeIgniter framework, with support from HTML5, JS, Bootstrap, Fontawesome, JQuery, Ajax, MySQL, phpmyadmin, XAMPP.
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Self EmployedJanuary 2009 - December 2010

Maintenance of preventive and corrective computer equipment
Repair and formatting of computer equipment

Mes compétences

XAMPP, XAMP, Web Design, Sketch, Scrum, Ruby on Rails, RESTful, Power BI, PHPMyAdmin, PHP, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Mockups, Mikrotik, Linux, Laravel, Jscript, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, Java, Ionic, IntelliJ Idea, HTML5, HTML, Groovy, Git, FTP, CSS, Corel Draw, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, AWS, AJAX