Iván S.

Full-Stack Developer

Mérida, MEXICO
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Trainer - ADC01.01.2017 - Présent

Introduction to automation with python (Flask, Django, Pandas, Selenium, requests, beautifulsoup, Facebook API, slack API, twitter API).
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Back-End Developer - KSquare01.11.2018 - Présent

I was part of the team which is developing a LSM platform. I developed a microservice to send emails using Node.js, Typescript, RabbitMq, Docker, PostgreSQL and Amazon SES.\n I developed a Typescript library to be able to use PostgreSql row level security on the microservices. \n Currently I work in the boy scout development team developing different features for their core system, using Node.js, Sql Server, and own libraries.\n I also help recruiters to interview Golang developers for a possible project that will use that language.

Node.js Developer - Boy Scouts of America01.04.2019 - Présent

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Python Developer - Agave Lab01.04.2018 - 01.10.2018

I was working on the DocketAlarm project, my tasks consisted of analyzing sites of the US courts and developing Web Scrapers with Python and libraries like Pandas, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, PDFQuery, Pytest (for testing) or services as anti-captcha in order to extract, clean, store and analyze the information so that they can be consulted from a site developed in Django.
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Go Developer - Remote01.05.2018 - 01.10.2018

I designed and helped to develop a REST service for a mobile application. The application allow players to consult their statistics and those of their team. \n The API was developed using the following technologies: Go, Revel
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Microservices Developer - Compropago01.01.2016 - 01.01.2018

I designed and developed microservices and bots for different tasks using Python and differents libraries and frameworks. Also, I cleaned and analyzed data coming from bots to approve payments with tools like pandas (python), selenium, numpy and mongodb. We achieved to approve payments on real time when previously they took between 4 and 8 hours to be approved. In my day to day, I used technologies as Go (Gin), Python (Flask, Falcon, Pandas), NodeJs, Rest, GRPC, Redis (cache), PostgreSql and Mongodb to develop microservices based on\n REST.\n While I was developing a bot for the inbursa bank platform, I found a vulnerability in it.\n I developed the API to generate tickets using Golang as well.\n I have configured amazon aws services as Kinesis, EC2 (For microservices),\n Lambda to send emails, RDS for database, SQS to communicate services or lambdas, and load balancers for the microservices. The microservices ran in docker containers using the amazon elastic container service.
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Docker - SHMérida01.01.2017 - 01.01.2018

I was working remotely on a cyber intelligence project to detect network attacks for Mantix4.\n I usually helped to install and setup the mantix monitor on client's servers.\n I modified different scripts written in Go to collect logs from different directories of the servers in order to send information to the Mantix services.\n I developed a Python script to verify if the domain was a NO-IP domain.\n On some occasions I helped repair and modify some Python scripts that downloaded threat intelligence data sets from several sites to feed the system. \n We used several technologies as Linux, Redis, Docker, Python, Go, Perl, bro, Cassandra, Lucene, Angular, Node.js, etc. Mantix4 is a company based in Canada.
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Web Developer - Sistemas en punto01.01.2015 - 01.01.2016

I designed and developed a GPS system (C#, MySql, RabbitMQ, MVC Net, SignalR).\n I developed an API REST to serve GPS data to the IT department of the city of Mérida (NodeJs).\n I developed a system to reserve an uber for sending baggage to airport, the system was composed of a web with angularjs, an API Rest with Nodejs and Mysql and an Android app. I used Stripe API for payments and Uber API for reservation.\n I configured linux and windows servers.
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Trainer - Grupo Consultores01.01.2016 - 01.01.2016

Introduction to data science with Python.
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Professor - Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Progreso01.01.2014 - 01.01.2015

I taught different subjects such as Software Engineering, Data Structures, Introduction to Research and Research Workshop. I supported in the evaluation of projects for residency as well.
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Professor - INGENIHUM01.01.2014 - 01.01.2015

I taught web applications development with PHP and MySql.
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Lecturer - Instituto Tecnológido01.01.2014 - 01.01.2014

Instituto Tecnológido Superior de Conference - "Web Application Security"\nWorkshop - "Mobile application development with Sinch"
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Analyst Developer - OpeSystems01.01.2012 - 01.01.2012

I was part of the front-end development team "work by cloud". (Jquery, Mvc .Net, Sql Server).

Mes compétences


Java, XML, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, TypeScript, MVC, Go, Golang


PostGreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Android, Docker, Docker Compose


jQuery, AngularJS, Django, Node.js, Entity Framework, REST

Analysis methods and tools





RabbitMQ, AWS, Express, Lucene, NumPy, Pandas, SignalR, Mongo 3


Microsoft Windows, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Perl Programming, Professor, Global Positioning System, Web Application Development, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Qualification, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, trainer, Web Developer, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Diploma > Diploma Engineering, Lecturer, Responsive web design, Software Engineering, Interpersonal skills, Apache Spark, Masters Degree > Master of Science > Master of Science Computer Science, Python Developer, Analyst Developer, Information Technology, Back-End Developer, Front End, Apache Cassandra, Go programming language, Distributed Computing, Python Programming, Mobile Applications, Computer Systems Engineer, develop a REST service, english skills, vulnerability analysis, MVC Net, Microservices Developer, Go Developer

Environment of Development



API, Twitter

Mes études et formations

- Complutense University of Madrid

Master of Science, Computer Science - Autonomous University of México

Outstanding Qualification, Software engineering - Technological Institute of Mérida