Alfredo R.

Full Stack Developer

115 dollar
10 ans
Morelia, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

UnosquareAugust 2019 - Présent

Framework Science helping Founders & Technology Executives Staff and Craft Tomorrow's ApplicationsFebruary 2019 - Présent

Coursera Course CertificatesFebruary 2017 - Présent

CourseraOctober 2017 - Présent

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Framework ScienceMarch 2019 - June 2019

 Bootstrap project using PostgreSQL as DB and NodeJS, GraphQL and Apollo for

  the backend and React for the Front End.

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QualtopJuly 2018 - February 2019

Responsabilities: Mock, design and build user interfaces following client documentation. Interact

with backend team to connect Front End code to Node backend.

Technologies: Vue.js, JavaScript ES6, Axios, Bootstrap 4.1, Node.js, Git, GitHub, Adobe XD
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UST- GlobalNovember 2016 - July 2018

Responsabilities: Worked with design team turning PSD designs into fully working websites and lan-
ding pages.
Achievements: Proposed Team Manager to use a JavaScript framework to convert websites into
SPA in order to gain scalability and improve maintenance. Sites were based in a
huge monolithic jQuery code-base and changes were taking too much time to
implement. Change to Angular 4 was approved.

On the design side convinced design leader to stick designs to Bootstrap compo-
nents since sometimes modifying the framework wasn't time convenient.

Technologies: Angular 4, Bootstrap 3.3.7, SCSS, Git, Bitbucket, Adobe Photoshop, Google
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iSTUDIO MobileSeptember 2016 - November 2016

Responsabilities: Connect Front End code to Node.js backend and MongoDB. Write code for
CRUD operations.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose.js, MongoDB, Git, Github.
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UST- GlobalJuly 2015 - September 2016

Responsabilities: Build web application for retail industry following client requirements.
Participated in Sprint-planning sessions to determine task-load across sprints.

Achievements: Lead the Front-End team to refactor the entire 6-month old project into only 2 and
a half months. Embraced a component-based architecture which allowed code
re-use and reduced code size by 40%. Eliminated the count of watchers from
2400 down to 600 which had a major positive impact on app performance.

Technologies: AngularJS, Bootstrap 3.3.0, AWS, Grunt, Browserify, npm.
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iSTUDIO MobileApril 2012 - July 2015

Responsabilities: Build Web application to manage student information for a local school by porting
legacy .NET web app to JavaScript/NoSQL web app. Built companion mobile app
for iOS and Android platforms using the Ionic framework for the UI.

Achievements: Reduced database size from 16Mb down to 3.5Mb which greatly improved
performance. Drastically improved UX by using real-time DB, so changes
in data reflected instantly on mobile clients.

Technologies: AngularJS, Firebase, Bootstrap 2.3.2, Gulp, Ionic framework, Apache Cordova

Mes compétences


Apollo Software, Grunt, Python Programming, Mobile Applications, Sr. Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer, manage student information, CoinMarketCap API, Front End/Full Stack Developer, Sr. UI-UX Designer Developer, Proposed Team Manager, design leader, Single Page Applications, Sr. Front End Developer, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, React, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, industry~senior, CRUD, Node, front end developer, REACTJS, Back End, Front End, User Interface Design, User Interface


Adobe Photoshop


AngularJS, jQuery, Angular, Node.js, Browserify, Express.js, Bootstrap

Environment of Development


IT Infrastructure

Git, Heroku, iOS


Android, Ionic, React Native

Analysis methods and tools



NoSQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL


HTML5, HTML, Ruby on Rails, CSS, GraphQL, JavaScript


Bitbucket, GitHub, Artificial Intelligence

Big Data



Machine Learning, Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SCSS

Mes études et formations

- Udemy

Courses - Microsoft Virtual Academy2015 - 2018

Single Page Applications - Johns Hopkins University2017 - 2017