Marcelo T.


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4 ans
Toluca, MEXICO

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GYO SolutionsNovember 2018 - Présent

My role is the analysis, design, coding, testing and integration of Angular based Web and Mobile apps. Currently I've been working with 7 projects. The company encourages
the employees to learn continually and develop ownership of the projects we are into. Front-End
This is a strategy so we can give quick and efficient maintenance when needed. The General Usage Angular with NgRx UI/UX
stack I use is depicted inside the ``Stack'' section just next to this Work
Experience and Projects section. I invite you to visit my Stack Overflow account page or my Github to get to know my knowledge regarding the stack you are looking for or you can ask me more on an interview.
Some of the most challenging projects I've been into are: The app is a video site so you can post your own viral videos and earn money. The stack is: Angular 7 PHP MySQLi Azure. The challenges I faced were the
PHP API was not working properly on production. Uploading to Azure the whole App. Back-End
All UI modification with CSS. Final Testing and Deployment. The result was the
satisfac-tion of our client, the exact implementation of the mokup made from a design Server Serverless Databases
company and the whole app working in the Azure Environment.

Tapia Transports: The app is an admin for a freight company. The stack I used was AWS Lambda

AngularJS NodeJS/Heroku Firebase GoDaddy Hosting. The challenges were setting DynamoDB
up the NodeJS REST API in Heroku for User Management with Firebase, the UI within
Angular JS and make the client happy. The results were the whole app working with all Google

the specifications of the client after a couple of revisions. The client is with a big smile. Cloud

Syngenta Mobile App: Is an app to display the whole catalog within the Latam region
of one of the biggest agriculture companies on the world. The stack is: Ionic 5/Angular Cloud
9 NodeJS/AWS Lambda DynamoDB Cloud AWS. I am the leading engineer for this project. The challenges I faced were the AWS Stack implementation so we can get our normal MEAN Stack within AWS. The UI/UX design as the app is from scratch. As the app is still in development the current results are the implementation of our full-stack within AWS where I managed to setup DynamoDB with Lambda Functions from an Angular App stored in a S3 and we manage to get an acceptable UI through
Adobe Xd with the client so we can begin coding the whole app.
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TeslaFebruary 2018 - May 2018

I was in the Low Voltage Testing Team for Infotainment and body controller. As an intern I did several tasks, some of them were:
Falcon Door for Model X Tester: The tester was outdated and needed to ship ASAP to the End Line. I did troubleshooting, updated the database and deployed it.
Reliability Testers data gathering: The tester did not upload the number of itinerations done along the way. Neither discounted the troubleshooting loops. I used python to deploy the .CSV files to a single Excel Doc. From there we could systematically deliver the actual number of testings and the duration in total.
Linux based Testers set up: These small testers got a brand new Intel NUC inside. I set up the tiny computer with Centos 7 and later installing denkovis relays. Then troubleshooting with the command line till it was ready to be shipped to the production line.
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Daimler AGMarch 2017 - June 2017

The project depicted a scanner for the Mercedes-Benz V Class. The scanner requeriments were a low
cost, light and should detect via protocols such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay the current for the internal
battery. Eventhough we could only achieve using the CAN protocol. The sensors data were displayed

in a 7 inches display. The alternative remain for display the data through a web server.

Mes compétences

TypeScript, Troubleshooting, Spanish, Sass, RxJS, Node.js, Linux, Jscript, HTML, Heroku, GitHub, Git, Firebase, DynamoDB, CSS, CentOS, AWS, Artificial Intelligence, AngularJS, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS)